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“My old body was in a bamboo bush/Winter folded, summer opened. What is it?”

In round 2, episode 33, season 2 – show Fast like lightning there was a difficult but no less interesting puzzle. The quiz has the following content:

“My body was in the bamboo bush

Winter closes, summer unfolds. What is the quiz?”.

Vietnamese quiz:

Source: Lightning fast.

The player who is singer Ho Quang Hieu could not give an answer. The audience in the studio also had to… give up on the difficulty. This is a difficult puzzle, requiring players to not only be knowledgeable but also have the ability to improvise quickly. It is not easy to give the answer in the shortest time. Therefore, players always have to focus on thinking and thinking.

The correct answer given by the program is: PAPER FAN.

This answer perfectly matches the suggestions of the puzzle. The paper fan has a fan blade made of bamboo, so it is “old in the bamboo bush”. This is an item that is only used in the summer, and it is stored in the winter, that’s why it is said that “winter folds, summer opens”.

Paper fan is a hand-held fan that has been widely used since ancient times. Paper fan structure consists of 3 parts: Nan, button, paper. Fan blades are usually made of bamboo (or wood), chopped 1mm thin, 1cm wide, 20-28cm long. The two outermost spokes made of thick and hard bamboo have the main bearing effect.

Vietnamese quiz:

Paper fan. (Illustrated image)

Bamboo fan blades are usually old bamboo, soaked in ponds and lakes for a few years so that the protein in the bamboo cells can escape through the cellulosic wall. At that time, the nan will run out of protein, so it will not be eaten by termites. Currently, some people produce by machine, so they often use drugs to sweep on the spokes to fight termites, and it will take some time to fly out of the drug.

Next is the fan button. This is the nail that fixes the spokes at one end. The two sides of the button are fixed with 2 jasmine. The button can be improved with screws. Finally, the paper consists of 2 sheets of good quality paper cut in the shape of an arc. The paper is glued to the fan spokes and glued together on the exposed fan spokes. Today, paper can be printed with a company’s image, logo or message to give to customers for advertising purposes. gi-ai-sang-da-lam-moi-doan-ra-20220507073721033.chn

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