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People’s Artist Dang Hung passed away at the age of 87

The funeral of People’s Artist Dang Hung will be held at his home in Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City. HCM. The enthronement ceremony will be conducted at 3pm on the same day, the memorial service will take place at 7am on May 11, then the coffin of People’s Artist Dang Hung will be cremated by his family in Phuc An Vien (Ho Chi Minh City). Ho Chi Minh City).

People's Artist Dang Hung died at the age of 87 - Photo 1.

People’s Artist Dang Hung passed away at the age of 87. (Photo: TL)

People’s Artist Dang Hung was born in 1936 in Binh Dinh. He participated in art activities and worked at Thuan Hai Dance and Dance Company. With a passion for art, People’s Artist Dang Hung is both a director and a talented screenwriter of dance works.

He has composed nearly 300 dance works with different genres such as: single dance, double dance, group dance, dance drama… People’s Artist Dang Hung often explores materials from the beauty of ethnic folk dances. Raglai, Co Ho, Khmer, Cham to include in their works.

During his career, People’s Artist Dang Hung has won many national and international awards such as: 2 international gold medals, 41 national gold medals, 32 national silver medals, 21 national awards. Vietnam Dance Artists Association…

Many works of People’s Artist Dang Hung have impressed not only the audience but also professionals such as: “Dance of aspiration”, “Dance of Cham fans”, “Dance of Maom scarf”…

Talking about People’s Artist Dang Hung, Mr. Le Nguyen Hieu, Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City Dance Artists Association. Ho Chi Minh City once said: “People’s Artist Dang Hung is an expert in restoring folk paintings in the language of dance. He has spent nearly 20 years “awakening Cham statues”.

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