Questions and answers for 8 exams of Hanoi National University of Education

2022 is the first year that Hanoi National University of Education organizes a competency assessment exam for university admission with the aim of diversifying enrollment methods and increasing the chances of being admitted to the university. This exam is also said to better classify candidates’ ability to select new students suitable for each training major.

The exam took place yesterday (May 7) with nearly 2,400 candidates. Candidates can choose and take 2, 3 or 4 competency tests (Mathematics, Literature, Foreign Languages, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography).

Literature subject has 30% multiple choice questions on language and 70% essay. The remaining subjects have 70% multiple choice questions and 30% essay.

To ensure a fair and objective construction process, the exam board has randomly mixed the order of multiple-choice questions as well as the order of options (A, B, C, D), forming four question codes. in each test. However, the content of the questions and the corresponding correct answers are the same for all codes. Essay questions are always at the end of the test and are the same for all codes. Therefore, the school only publishes one code for each test. Candidates can look up questions and corresponding answers by themselves to evaluate their results.

In order to create conditions for candidates to choose from many combinations of subjects and to apply for admission to different majors, the University organizes English tests in both morning and afternoon shifts and at the same time develops two English tests in the morning shift. and the afternoon shift is equivalent.

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