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Revealing a bright candidate

This time, their goal is to succeed President Rodrigo Duterte. These two candidates will join eight others to run for president on May 9.

The campaign ended on May 7, and the latest polls show Marcos Jr. are leading. If he wins the next election, Marcos Jr. will revive the name and image of the Marcos family with the campaign slogan “Rise Again”.

The candidate’s campaign focused on pledges to create more jobs, lower prices, and invest more in agriculture and infrastructure.

Notably, the running companion for the vice-presidential seat with Mr. Marcos Jr. is Sara Duterte Carpio, the daughter of the outgoing president.

Political analysts say Marcos Jr. became the most popular presidential candidate after launching a social media campaign to “rewrite” history.

In addition, the TikTok app is used to urge young voters to support Mr. Marcos Jr. because this group was too young to know anything about the reign of President Ferdinand Marcos (1965-1986).

In response, Mr. Marcos Jr. denies using false information to support his election campaign. Glenn Mark Blasquez voter – 37 years old, living in the capital Manila – said he would vote for Mr. Marcos Jr. for being impressed by this candidate’s ambitious infrastructure development commitment.

According to Reuters, his top rival Marcos Jr. current Vice President Leni Robredo. This candidate is committed to prioritizing economic recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic; improve social welfare, including unemployment benefits and family support; increase investment to adapt to climate change; leveling the playing field for businesses and promoting public-private partnerships…

In terms of foreign affairs, Ms. Robredo may pursue a multilateral approach in relations with China. Meanwhile, Mr. Marcos Jr. is seen as a candidate closer to Beijing and favors a bilateral approach to it.

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