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See SNSD beauties to know 4 hairstyles for the age of 30

If you choose a reasonable hairstyle, your beauty will definitely rank higher. Besides, the hairstyle also has the effect of rejuvenating the face, if the 30+ girls choose wisely. The problem here is, how to determine the hairstyle that is both good and stylish for the age of 30+? Sisters have a lot of references, and one of them is the collection of super pretty hairstyles of the group’s beauties. SNSD.

Smooth straight layered hair

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SNSD beauties are extremely fond of these styles layered hair. The reason is very simple, the layered hair is youthful and modern, almost anyone who applies it can sublimate beauty. The layered hairstyle that many SNSD members are closest to is floating, smooth hair. This is a hairstyle that is not short, not too long, very light, so it creates a youthful and full of life feeling for the face.

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Floating layer hair when inflated hairline also has the effect of slimming the face, creating a more elegant and beautiful look for the visual. Smooth straight layer hair is a hairstyle that does not need to be dyed, you still have a stylish and beautiful look. However, if you dye your hair brown, the look will be even more attractive.

Light wave layered hair

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It’s still layered hair, the length is hovering, but just slightly wavy, the sisters’ appearance has brought a different impression.

Taeyeon and Sooyoung did not choose a curly hairstyle that is too neat, but still has a slight tangle. This brings a liberal and stylish look to the face, but equally feminine and flying. With a light wave layered hairstyle, you can dye your hair chocolate brown like Sooyoung, your face will be bright and radiant. Like to be more creative, Taeyeon’s mossy hair color is worth a reference because it’s “playful”, but not out of phase with the age of 30+.

Layered long hair

See SNSD beauties to know the 4 most stylish and elegant hairstyles for the age of 30+ - Photo 5.
See SNSD beauties to know the 4 most stylish and elegant hairstyles for the age of 30+ - Photo 6.

Although there are many short hairstyles, shoulder-length hair is very stylish, but many women still love long, feminine hair, more graceful. However, growing long hair is also “risky”, which is to make the appearance look “dumb”. Even too long hair causes weight, making the hair look flatter. To prevent this scenario from happening, let’s learn from Yoona and Tiffany, apply long hair with layers. Layered hair will look lighter and more airy. Layered long hair also exudes a modern and luxurious look. When the hair is trimmed in layers, even if you curl it, the look will not be “unruly”.

Layered short hair

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Hotter than a bob with a ponytail Short Hair trim layers. This hairstyle has been at the forefront of trends for many years now, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Layered short hair is very youthful, but still retains an elegant and elegant appearance. If you want to look sweeter and more youthful, try cutting bangs like Taeyeon. If you don’t like to cut your bangs but still want to reduce your face, please leave a few small curls in front of your forehead like Yoona! This detail is small, but it is still more than enough to create a more elegant and balanced look for the face.

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