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Seeing that his wife was unusually cold, the husband placed the locator on the car and discovered the shocking truth

On June 14, 2020, at the foot of a viaduct in Cangzhou City, Hebei Province, China, police, medical staff and a crowd are gathering. As it turns out, this is the scene of a crime-related affair.

Mr. Guo and Ms. Qi have been married for many years. Mr. Guo always tries his best for his family, works hard outside during the day, returns home to take care of and pamper his wife and children at night. Mr. Guo’s only hope is that his marriage will go smoothly. Unexpectedly, things did not go as planned.

For quite some time, Mr. Guo began to notice his wife acting strangely. Ms. Qi has become more cold towards her husband and children than before, preferring to hold her mobile phone all day, sometimes even going out all night and not returning. Ms. Qi’s change made those around her also realize and start whispering and discussing. This made Mr. Guo feel very uncomfortable, tired and suspicious.

Seeing that his wife was unusually cold, the husband placed the locator on the car and discovered the shocking truth - 1


Mr. Guo believed that his wife had another man outside, so he asked Ms. Qi to end the relationship with the “third person”. Just by doing so, he will forgive his wife without thinking anything. However, Ms. Qi never admitted that she had an affair, much less wanted to break up with Mr. Guo.

Mr. Guo’s words to his wife were just like “water poured on potato leaves”. Although Mr. Guo has repeatedly felt his wife’s deceitful behavior and even used violence against Ms. Qi, she still suffers from all kinds of defects and refuses to change.

Mr. Guo understands that Ms. Qi’s stubborn attitude is because he has no evidence to accuse his wife of adultery. Due to work reasons, Mr. Guo is also often away from home, so he cannot always keep his wife close to him. In the end, Mr. Guo came up with a way, which was to secretly put a mobile phone with location and monitoring functions in his wife’s car.

On June 14, 2020, Mr. Guo was free, so he opened his phone to see, checked, and found that his wife’s location was at the foot of a viaduct. Mr. Guo didn’t know what Ms. Qi was doing there, but he never left, so he became increasingly impatient. Feeling bad, Mr. Guo turned on the sound function, so he could hear and detect the “love” between his wife and another man. In a fit of anger, Mr. Guo immediately drove to his wife’s location.

When he saw his wife’s car, Mr. Guo didn’t think too much, immediately rushed over, smashed the window with a knife and opened the phone to film. He looked through the window and saw Ms. Qi sitting inside with a man surnamed Zhang. Both were extremely shocked and scared when they saw Mr. Guo.

When Mr. Zhang opened the car door and got out, Mr. Guo rushed over with his face red from anger, stabbed Mr. Zhang with a knife. He tried to run away but was still chased by Mr. Guo, stabbing him once more. Seeing this, Ms. Qi tried to stop her, but her husband beat her again. It was not until he saw Mr. Zhang bleeding profusely that Mr. Guo regretfully knelt down on the ground, trembling with shock.

Moments later, police and medical staff were on the scene, taking Mr. Zhang and Ms. Qi to the hospital for emergency treatment, while Mr. Guo was escorted to the police station. The medical examination revealed that Mr. Zhang was seriously injured, so Mr. Guo’s actions constituted the crime of intentional murder, according to Article 232 of the Code. Criminal China.

The Cangzhou City Court found this to be a case due to an emotional dispute. Mr. Guo is the one who was “cuckolded” by his wife, excited about his behavior and words, so he couldn’t avoid extreme actions. However, after committing the crime, Mr. Guo honestly confessed and confessed, which is considered a mitigating circumstance. In the end, Mr. Guo was sentenced to 3 years and 6 months in prison.

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