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Spotted sparkling arowana fish shaped like a bullet at a depth of 300m

08/05/2022 09:43 GMT+7

The high-fin arowana is the rarest of this group of deep-sea fish.

Marine biologists have discovered a rare, brilliant-looking marine fish during an expedition in Monterey Bay, California, USA.

Spotted sparkling arowana fish shaped like a bullet at a depth of 300m
Spotted sparkling arowana living in the deep sea

This is a high fin arowana, the rarest of the arowana species. Previously, scientists had only spotted live individuals a few times.

For three decades, using ROV remote control vehicles, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) researchers have explored the deep sea, finding many wonders.

High-fin arowanas are very difficult to find. They usually live in deep water. This special fish was found at a depth of more than 300 meters.

Bruce Robison, MBARI senior scientist, who led the study, said: “This is an amazing find, this fish is extremely rare. Its sparkling color is one of the most attractive features.”

The scales of the arowana glitter, have a metallic copper color, unlike any fish that lives in the deep sea. According to experts, the copper color of the fish is due to the absorption of remnants of blue light, which helps the fish to camouflage, almost invisible in its habitat. “When we shined the white light on the fish, it looked gorgeous,” says Bruce Robison.

This camouflage makes it a fearsome ambush predator. They hover in the dark and wait for small fish and crustaceans to swim past. The prey is attracted, approaching the arowana without knowing the danger is near.

Bruce Robison said: “It uses lures to attract prey that see the light. When the prey gets close, the arowana will use its wide jaws and many teeth to squeeze.” .

To make this exciting discovery, Bruce Robison and a team of researchers took part in a week-long expedition, conducting many experiments and observations over a period of time at sea.

According to Bruce Robison, the team on the ships had to be alert, seize the opportunity and be ready to respond to the unexpected, they never knew they might discover something special. “The discovery of this sparkling high-fin arowana is just one of many examples where curiosity, persistence and exploration of the ocean have paid off,” said Bruce Robison.

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