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Steps to use dry shampoo properly, to help clean and healthy hair-Beauty

Saturday, May 7, 2022 12:54 PM (GMT+7)

If you are using dry shampoo and your hair is not clean, refer to the following steps.

If you are lazy to wash your hair often or have oily hair, there must be a great helper that is dry shampoo. This product saves time and is easier than regular hair washing.

Dry shampoo is very popular but how do you know if you are using it or not? Check out the following tips for using dry shampoo.

Start with spraying dry shampoo at the right distance

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Spray at the correct distance because if you spray too close, the spray will not spread evenly. The appropriate distance should be about 25 cm, provided that the hair must be pulled up into a bunch to spray evenly on the roots. In addition, if you spray too close, it can cause the nozzle to gather in one spot on the scalp and hair. This can cause your hair to dry out into clumps.

Concentrate mainly on the roots of the hair

Spraying dry shampoo properly is to spray at the root of the hair, because our hair roots are the place to secrete oil, which is the cause of the greasy hair. So, if your girlfriend sprays all of her hair, but doesn’t put dry shampoo on the roots, it’s completely useless. Therefore, focus on spraying dry shampoo in the right places to use it most effectively and also spray with a reasonable distance and amount, not too much or too little.

Don’t spray too much dry shampoo

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After starting to spray dry shampoo, observe and check the condition of your own hair to see if it suits you or not. Do not spray too much dry shampoo, or our hair will look dry and stick together. Spray dry shampoo gradually and check. Do not be in a hurry about your hair, you need to be very calm for the beauty and hold of your hair.

Do not touch your hair immediately after applying dry shampoo

After washing, we use dry shampoo to spray evenly on the hair until finished, do not touch the hair immediately because the dry shampoo has not had time to work. Should wait about 2-3 minutes. Don’t be hasty, girls in a hurry should give our dry shampoo time to penetrate the scalp.

After waiting for the dry shampoo to work, massage the scalp and hair roots to increase the effect. It helps to spread the dry shampoo evenly on the scalp. Relax your head, gently do not massage your scalp too hard because it is easy to make your hair tangled. That’s it, you’ve finished using dry shampoo properly. Remember, when using this product, you must be very slow, gentle and not hasty to achieve the desired effect.

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