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Strict security at Ngo Thanh Van’s wedding

On the afternoon of May 8, the wedding of Ngo Thanh Van and Huy Tran will officially be held in Da Nang. Celebrities of Vietnamese showbiz will all attend this wedding, including Xuan Lan, South Central, Jun PhamWill, Isaac,…

To ensure safety and privacy for guests and the bride and groom, “big sister” has arranged a strict security team. Through the photos taken at the wedding venue of Ngo Thanh Van, it shows that every car entering this area is thoroughly checked. If you are not a resort guest, you will absolutely be blocked at the entrance.

This proves the meticulous care in the preparation of the wedding of the century.

Security at the wedding venue - Photo 1.
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Security at the wedding venue - Photo 3.

Previously, Ngo Thanh Van also shared with the public: “Van doesn’t want this to be an Event, but really wants it to be a memorable Memories. Therefore, Van and Huy decided that this party would be small, but it would certainly be beautiful, and cozy. The two of them are extremely sorry that they couldn’t send invitations to everyone to join in the fun. But we believe that the whole family will understand, love and respect the decision of Van and Huy“.

Security at the wedding venue - Photo 4.
Security at the wedding venue - Photo 5.

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