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Tesla will install rotating screens for new models?

An owner Tesla showed off this feature on Twitter and it caused a stir in the community. Specifically, a Twitter account named Larry Li – car enthusiast as well as a Tesla owner and small business in the Bay Area has installed special customizations for Tesla cars. Among them are the electric trunk lid and automatic door handles displayed on the Model 3 and Model Y.

His skill makes many people doubt the legitimacy of the video below, but according to this man, the feature above comes from the Tesla factory. In the video, he uses the infotainment system to give commands to screen move in any direction and it looks very real.

The video was posted by a Twitter account named Larry Li

Earlier this year, it was reported that a few Teslas were shipped to customers with pre-installed hardware to make the screen rotate. At that time, the necessary motors to be able to do this were not available, so this feature could not be used.

The rotating display is a popular aftermarket option, but seeing it controlled directly through the infotainment system is something special. Mr. Li said, this car was shipped on April 29, 2022 and this feature definitely brings better visibility to the driver as well as the same experience on the passenger side. However, Larry Li did not indicate the software version related to this new feature.

But, there is one thing that users really benefit from it. By enabling this feature, Tesla can bring back options like video playback and even gaming while the vehicle is in motion and the screen is oriented towards the passenger.

The most surprising thing is that Tesla has been completely silent about these changes. Even Elon Musk has not mentioned it at this time, so many people are wondering which car model will have a rotating screen?

And it’s not known whether Tesla is offering to add a physical accessory to cars that don’t have a motor for the rotating display system. If that happens, not sure if they will charge an extra fee for this service. It’s also interesting that Tesla has mentioned rotating screens as a feature of its future on its website before.

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