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The 15-year-old daughter of Miss Asia

Crystal Liu – the daughter of Miss Asia 1989 Mr. Hong – 1.7 m high at the age of 15, was praised for her beauty.

On the evening of May 7, on the occasion of “Mother’s Day”, Crystal Liu posted a series of photos taken with Mr. Hong On her personal page and wrote: “Thank you mom for what you do for me. No matter how busy you are at work, you always listen and be there for me when needed. A lovely mother, my best friend. I I hope you stay young forever so we can go shopping, take care of beauty, share food and everything in our daily life. I love you so much.”

Miss shared her daughter’s post and expressed: “Thank you for understanding and tolerant of my work. I have grown up and know how to stand in other people’s perspective to see things. Mother proud of you.”

Miss Ong Hong (black shirt) and daughter Crystal Liu.  Photo: Weibo Crystal

Miss Ong Hong (black shirt) and daughter Crystal Liu. Image: Weibo Crystal

The post attracted the interest of colleagues and fans. Most of the audience praised Crystal Liu for her outstanding appearance and height, inheriting many beauties from her parents. Gillian Chung commented: “Crystal Liu can go to the beauty contest, she will definitely win the same prize as Ong Hong in the past.”

Crystal Liu is fluent in many foreign languages ​​and has an artistic talent.  Photo: Weibo Crystal

Crystal Liu is fluent in many foreign languages ​​and has an artistic talent. Image: Weibo Crystal

Crystal Liu (Chinese name is Luu Thi), is the daughter of Mr. Hong and her second husband – businessman Luu Quan Dinh. According to On, at the beginning of the year, the beauty queen’s family moved from Hong Kong to live in Shanghai. Crystal Liu currently attends high school at a private school with expensive tuition. The female student quickly integrates into the new environment, has a cheerful and outgoing personality. She is good at foreign languages, proficient in many musical instruments and has an artistic inclination.

Mr. Hong often shares moments of everyday life with his children. In an interview earlier this year, the beauty queen said that she and her husband “don’t dare to grow old because they need to be Crystal’s brother and sister, and grow up with their children”.

Mr. Hong's family took a photo during Tet this year.  Photo: Weibo Crystal

Mr. Hong’s family took a photo during Tet this year. Image: Weibo Crystal

Mr. Hong was born in Hong Kong, was crowned Miss Asia in 1989, then conquered the screen with docile roles but did not receive much attention. After that, she acted in some high school movies. In the 1990s, Mr. Hong left his mark on Lawyer Tong The Kiet (starring with Chow Tinh Tri), Arbitrary 2 (starring with Jackie Chan), The Four Deadly Talents, Living Buddha Ji Gong, The Tale of Dai Duong’s Song Long, Tu Lady Lan Hinh… Last year, she played Phi Ho extravaganza, Doubtless.

Mr. Hong

Create the antique image of Mr. Hong. Video: YoutubeSinaEnt

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