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The female student who won second prize in National Mathematics by Pedagogy

Winning the second prize and being the candidate with the top 10 scores in the national exam to select excellent students in Mathematics for the academic year 2020-2021, Nguyen Minh Chau chose to pursue pedagogy.

Minh Chau (SN 2003) is currently a first-year student at the Department of Mathematics Pedagogy, Hanoi Pedagogical University. The former student of Ha Tinh High School for the Gifted shared that the reason she wanted to pursue a career as a teacher came from the desire to promote her advantages in mathematics.

“I feel happy when I can become a bridge of knowledge, conveying to others understanding about Mathematics”.

Minh Chau said, she has many relatives in the profession of pedagogy, the female student herself has been wholeheartedly guided and loved by the teachers. Therefore, although she understands the hardships of the profession, the female student still loves and wishes to live in a pedagogical environment and pursue this career.

Talking about studying, Chau said that as a former student majoring in Mathematics, having participated in many large and small exams, like many other students, she could not avoid the stress before the exams. Minh Chau’s experience is to try to keep the spirit comfortable, because that’s the only way to achieve the best performance drop.

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The female student also said that, thanks to going through those things, it was easy for her to adapt when entering the university lecture hall and student life.

Every day, Chau records all the things he has to do, in which priority is given to important things to have more focus. According to Chau, this approach makes life and learning scientific and effective.

Minh Chau achieved a perfect 4.0 GPA in his first year at Hanoi National University of Education. The female student also received scholarships to encourage excellent study and certificates of merit for outstanding achievements in Youth Union and Movement work. In particular, the Ha Tinh girl also won the first prize of the pedagogical competition and the second prize of the contest “Creating history of math videos”.

“Every day is precious to me and I always want to cherish every moment so that I can do something for my passion and future” – Minh Chau shared.

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Talking about future plans, Minh Chau said, after finishing 4 years of university, he wants to continue pursuing his studies in Mathematics.

“Until I feel that my knowledge, skills and profession are really good, I will pursue my passion for teaching” – Chau said.

The female student also shared her desire to return to Ha Tinh province to continue to develop Mathematics and keep the passion for Mathematics for students of Ha Tinh High School for the Gifted.

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