The hardest thing in life is not to run fast, but to walk calmly


Keep busy, hurry all the time, you will lose yourself

There is a philosophical story like this:

A group of Westerners went to the primeval forests of Africa to survey and they invited the natives to be their guides.

They just opened the way. On the third day, the Aboriginal people said they would take a day off.

Westerners find it difficult to understand: “Why stop?”

The Aboriginal people said: “Because we have come a long way, so we must stop and wait a little, so that the soul can catch up.”

Today’s pace of life is getting faster and faster. Busy growing up, busy going to college, busy working, busy getting married… So busy and in such a hurry that when I suddenly turned my head back, I found myself getting old, but everything was still unfinished.

An author once said: “I believe that every person who comes to this world has a position that is most suitable for him.”

Really talented people, never busy, never in a hurry. They believe that there is always a place for them, what is needed will come, what should not be, soon forget it.

In life, the hardest thing is not to run fast, but to walk calmly.

Really talented people are slow people: In life, the hardest thing is not running fast, but walking calmly - Photo 1.


Set up a career, not in a hurry, perhaps just achieving late

The ancients said: Desire is not achieved, if you are not in a hurry, you will not care about small profits, but if you care about small interests, it is difficult to achieve great things.

A person’s achievements are something accumulated over the years. The calm water flows deep, those who “boom” one, suddenly sublimate in a certain field, it is actually just the result of their many years of accumulation, it finally broke out.

During the Three Kingdoms period in China, among Cao Cao’s subordinates, there was a man named Thoi Lam, whose family background was poor, hardly having the opportunity to show his talent.

In the 10th year of Kien An, Thoi Lam was appointed district chief of a small district. But because he was so poor, he couldn’t even afford to rent a horse-drawn carriage, so he could only walk to the place of inauguration by himself.

After Emperor Wei took the throne, Thoi Lam was successively promoted to Thuong Thu, Thu Thu… Each time he took office, he created a blessing for the people, but because he was not skillful in diplomacy with his superiors, he was demoted. make Animal District.

After that, Emperor Wei Minh appointed Thoi Lam as Tu no. Not long after, he was promoted to Marquis in An Duong.

Talented or successful people late.

Life has ups and downs, this is a very normal thing, if you insist on becoming famous overnight, then it will be very tiring. Chi by “floating with the water”, enjoying the process of growth and maturity.

It’s not uncommon for old people to find the right direction for themselves, 40, 50, even 60 years old by themselves.

As anyone who lives in the countryside knows, most wild berries in the mountains are not picked until late autumn, after the dew falls, otherwise the bitter taste is certain.

Although many people think of many ways to make the fruit ripen faster, the taste is still not satisfactory.

Slow down, as long as the direction is not wrong, it will definitely go far, life, although not brilliant, will certainly not be gloomy.

Really talented people are slow people: In human life, the hardest thing is not running fast, but walking calmly - Photo 2.


Let go of troubles, don’t rush, give it all to time

In fact, the more a person tries to force themselves to do something, or quickly forget something, the less likely they will get the desired results. Moreover, every time we force ourselves, we will remember some unpleasant memory that happened, and then immerse ourselves in that vicious circle again.

Smart people will not intentionally forget anything, instead, they leave everything to time. It is necessary to believe, time is the best “remedy”, it can heal all wounds.

A Zen master once said: “People out there don’t focus on eating when they eat, and when they go to sleep, they think about miscellaneous thoughts; and I, when I eat, I eat, when I sleep, I sleep, just those two things.”

There are 10 stories in a person’s life, 8.9 things are not satisfactory, but in the end, there are still 1.2 parts to good things. Most of the afflictions can only be understood and resolved by ourselves, no matter what anyone tells us, it won’t help.

Don’t be in a hurry to get rid of afflictions immediately, perhaps many afflictions are just a form of self-challenge, so that we have the wisdom of “calm in the midst of worries”.

Really talented people are slow people: In human life, the hardest thing is not to run fast, but to walk calmly - Photo 3.


Life, old age, sickness and death, don’t be in a hurry, just live your life

Someone once said this: “Life sooner or later comes to an end, no one can escape it, if you go too fast, it means you are running to your own end.”

From the day you were born, if you just stick your head in and run, then it won’t take long to run for the rest of your life.

Living in the world, some people pursue money, some people pursue fame, some are calm and peaceful, each person has a different way of life. If you are always jealous of others, then one day you will become “Pham Ba”, tomorrow you will be “Nguyen Tu”, the day after tomorrow you will be “Tran Nam” … so on, you will not have Time to be yourself.

What kind of house do you want, very big or very beautiful or grandiose? There are people who have been very poor all their lives, living in a small old house but still very happy; Some people live in the city, bustling with excitement, and live their whole lives.

Mindful people will never blindly imitate anyone, they live their lives the way they like best. Others can live and die chasing the bustling city, but they can sell their house in the city and return to their hometown to live a peaceful life.

Living in the world, we can choose a leisurely life, we can also choose a rich life, but we must live a little slower, enjoying every moment of life.

Try giving yourself certain silences in life, silences so that you can forget all the time, forget all your troubles, forget your age.

You don’t have to search for the feeling of existence, because you are you, no one else, old age, sickness and death, we can’t decide, but you can completely turn “birth” into your blessing and live it according to your wishes. what I want.

From today, as a person who is not in a hurry, is not busy, and is free to walk a few steps, admire the surrounding scenery, read books, talk with relatives…

When you are young, silently make efforts, slowly earn money, warmly love and slowly move forward. fast-mala-buoc-di-that-diem-tinh-20220425165711929.chn

Nhu Nguyen

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