The machine is delicious and cheap, but those who are about to buy it should note this

In March, realme surprised users when bringing the realme GT 2 Pro, realme’s high-end flagship, to sell genuine in the Vietnamese market at a fairly cheap price, from only 16.49 million VND. Even in the first sale, the price of the device was reduced to only 15.49 million VND. At the time of launch, realme GT 2 Pro was the cheapest smartphone equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip that users could buy in Vietnam market.

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realme GT 2 Pro is one of the cheapest Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 smartphones

However, just a short time after the introduction, realme had to announce sad news to Vietnamese users: due to the influence of COVID-19, the purchase of realme GT 2 Pro was temporarily not possible on the Shopee e-commerce site. . Previously, realme GT 2 Pro was launched and sold exclusively on this e-commerce site.

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realme announces the status of realme GT 2 Pro on Shopee e-commerce platform

After mixed opinions from users, realme has also re-opened realme GT 2 Pro on Lazada e-commerce site at the same price. However, it is worth mentioning here that the sales page on Lazada is “realme Global Official Store”, this is realme’s international sales page and is not related to realme Vietnam. Users when ordering at this sales page will be buying machines imported directly from China to Vietnam, not through realme Vietnam anymore.

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realme GT 2 Pro sold exclusively at realme Global Official Store on Lazada

Due to direct import from China, many users when buying goods ask questions about whether buying imported machines from the Global sales site has a genuine warranty in Vietnam. According to the sales page of the realme Global Official Store, users who buy the device at this booth will still receive a genuine 1-year warranty by the domestic manufacturer.

Contact realme, the company representative said “realme Global Official Store is a store that imports machines from the Chinese market, this is also a genuine product but it is an imported product and is not officially sold in the Vietnamese market”.

For realme GT 2 Pro, realme says do is “The goods sold on Lazada’s Global page are not directly sold in Vietnam, so they will not be warranted like other genuine machines”. Instead, realme said that the warranty for realme GT 2 Pro when purchased on Global site in particular and other models in general will need to go through 2 steps.

First, the user brings the defective product to a realme warranty center in Vietnam, the center will check and keep the faulty machine, and issue a machine inspection report to the user if the product is within the warranty period. After that, users need to send a record to the realme Global Official Store sales page on Lazada for support to change a new device (during 12 months of warranty).

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Thus, unlike genuine products distributed in Vietnam, users only need to bring the defective device and conduct on-site warranty, then with the international booth, users will need to send the warranty record of the manufacturer. realme Vietnam for realme Global, only then will be supported to change the new device (does not support repair). This is because realme Global and realme Vietnam are not related as we mentioned above.

For those who intend to buy realme GT 2 Pro at the Global booth on Lazada e-commerce site, they will need to pay attention to this issue. In fact, many products of realme Global Official Store are not available in Vietnam warehouses, but take time to transport and import from China. For the current “borderline” situation, the warranty return may take longer than expected.

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realme GT 2 Pro currently has a list price of VND 16,490,000 for sale exclusively on Lazada. From 5/5 to 9/5, the device is reduced to only 15,490,000 VND. Details about this machine you can read See article here.

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