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The softer the 3 body parts, the longer they live, unfortunately very few people know

“Living healthy and living a long life” is the wish of every person. But it must be said that, despite the improvement of living standards, the development of medical technology, but the pressure of people is also increasing. Therefore, want live Strong In addition to healthy daily living habits, eating also needs to be adequate and scientific.

In addition, medical staff have conducted many rigorous research surveys on a number of long-lived people, the results show that their bodies often have some outstanding common features, that is, certain parts of the body. very Solf”. So what are those parts?

1. Blood vessels

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Blood vessels, like transport hubs, are the conduit for blood circulation. When young, the inner wall of blood vessels is smooth, soft and elastic. As age increases, blood vessels will gradually age, blood vessels also gradually harden. Hardening of the arteries occurs in women over 55 years old and men over 45 years old. Hardening of the arteries can cause myocardial infarction and coronary heart disease, as well as ischemic stroke.

Age, heavy smoking and drinking, unstable blood lipids and blood sugar, obesity will accelerate the hardening of the arteries. After the blood vessels harden, there will be obvious symptoms such as unexplained headache, dizziness, sudden memory loss, numbness in one arm and leg, sleep disturbance, general fatigue and ringing in the ears.

In particular, the earlobe is very sensitive to ischemia and hypoxia. After the blood vessels are hardened, the earlobe does not receive enough blood to nourish, thereby causing wrinkles in the earlobe.

Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases have become the second killer that threatens human health, after cancer, so prevention is better than cure, adjusting the dietary structure and maintaining moderate exercise right to slow the rate of vascular aging.

If you are nearing middle age and find that your blood vessels are still very soft and rarely harden, congratulations, this condition shows that your body is healthy, maybe even living a long life.

2. Soft hamstrings

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We all know that as we age, our legs and feet become increasingly stiff, less flexible, even difficult to move due to hamstrings, joints become increasingly stiff, less flexible and less flexible. flexible. A person’s health can be seen through the state of the limbs. If the hamstrings are soft, the limbs will be soft and flexible. This proves that these parts have been provided with enough nutrients, so moving will be much easier, health is also enhanced.

In fact, in normal times, even from a young age we should also protect our joints and hamstrings. After all, if the hamstrings become increasingly stiff, the mobility will be limited, the health will go down, causing a great burden for family and loved ones.

In general, the process of bone loss occurs faster after the age of 40, so it is necessary to supplement calcium appropriately and protect bones and joints. Eat plenty of green leafy vegetables containing calcium, animal milk and soy milk, and regularly get enough exposure to the sun to promote the body’s absorption of calcium. In winter, you need to do a good job of keeping warm, wear knee pads if necessary, and avoid climbing and climbing stairs so as not to increase the burden on bones and joints.

3. Soft neck

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The neck is the connection between the head and the body of the body, there are many symptoms occurring in the neck that will affect the health of the body. Long-lived people often have relatively soft necks. This proves that the blood in the body circulates well, promptly removes toxins and wastes out, and provides adequate nutrients to the internal organs, helping them to work rhythmically and increase their age. longevity.

The neck is home to many blood vessels and nerves from the top of the brain to the bottom of the body. Scientists say: People over 50 years old, if their necks are stiff, the blood circulation in the body is not good, leading to a lack of nutrients and oxygen in the brain. This long-term condition will increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases and cerebral infarction.

In addition, it is not difficult to make blood vessels, joints and neck soft, the main thing is to change bad eating and living habits such as:

– Control the total energy intake and maintain a reasonable weight.

– A balanced meal with meat, eggs, fish and vegetables.

– Drink enough 1500-2000ml of water per day.

– Exercise moderately, no less than 1 hour per day.

– Eat three meals on time and eat less snacks.

– Go to bed early and get up early, avoid staying up late, prepare to go to bed at 22:30 at night.

– Avoid sitting for a long time, get up and move for 5 minutes every 40 minutes or 1 hour of sitting.

– Maintain a happy mood and reduce stress in a timely manner.

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