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The victims are all good and good students

On the morning of May 8, a leader of the Department of Education and Training of Cu Kuin district, Dak Lak province said that there had just been a drowning incident in the area that killed three students in a family.

Accordingly, the victims were identified as: NVN (5th grade), NVA (4th grade) and NVH (3rd grade), the same students of Phan Chu Trinh Primary School (Ea Hu commune, Cu Kuin district).

According to initial information, at around 4:30 pm on May 7, the father and son of NVT went to cut grass for cows. After that, two children N. and H. asked their father to go fishing at the family pond of a household, about 500m away from home, while A. helped their father push the grass back.

Feeling sorry for the drowning incident that caused the death of 3 siblings: The victims were all good and good students - Photo 1.

Relatives remained silent by the side of the victims.

After helping his father, about 5 pm on the same day, A. also asked permission to come to my place to fish together.

After waiting for a long time to not see the children back, Mr. T’s family hurriedly called everyone to find them. At about 8:15 p.m. on the same day, people discovered that all three of the above students had died in the pond.

It is known that all 3 victims are good and good students. Mr. T’s family has 5 children, of which the youngest is only 7 months old.

Due to their difficult family situation, their mother is busy with their children, and their father works hard in the fields, so outside of school hours, the children also help their parents with housework.

After receiving the information, the authorities were present to clarify the incident. The school’s management board and teachers came to visit and offer condolences to the families and organize support campaigns to take care of the children’s future. 20220508111131256.htm

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