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There is no evidence of the possibility of Russia using nuclear weapons in Ukraine

CIA Director William Burns said on May 7 that US intelligence agencies have not found “real evidence” that Russian President Putin will use weapons. Tactical nukes on the Ukrainian battlefield.

Mr. Burns said at a conference held in Washington DC (USA): “We in the intelligence community do not see real evidence at this time of the Russia plans to deploy or use tactical nuclear weapons”.

However, the head of the CIA added that, in his view, “President Putin does not believe that he can accept defeat” and so the US needs to “highly focus” on nuclear weapons capabilities. used.

Meanwhile, the Kremlin has insisted Russia will not deploy nuclear weapons against Ukraine. Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexei Zaitsev on May 6 reaffirmed that “Russia adheres to the principle that there is no winner in nuclear war”.

And Ukrainian President Zelensky in April stated that he believes Russia can use nuclear weapons to win in Ukraine and he called on the world to prepare for that possibility.

Tactical nuclear weapons are smaller and less destructive than nuclear warheads mounted on intercontinental ballistic missiles. Tactical nuclear weapons can be dropped from aircraft, mounted on short-range missiles, or fired with heavy artillery.

The destructive power of this weapon ranges from 1 kiloton to 100 kiloton. To make it easier to imagine, the atomic bomb dropped on the city of Hiroshima (Japan) had a destructive power of 15 kilotons.

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