Tue base is divided into 4 floors, what floor do you belong to?

In fact, wisdom root is not something too mysterious, in Buddhism, as the name implies, wisdom root is the basic foundation of wisdom, some people look stupid, confused, but in life and work, they can always turn danger into good and achieve success, that is the power of wisdom.

Just as the roots of a tree are hidden deep in the ground, so are the roots of human wisdom, although they do not show on the surface, they contain great power, determining the destiny of a person.

Speaking of which, many people probably wonder if they have wisdom roots or not, here I will share a method handed down by an ancient with great wisdom, he divided all sentient beings into 4 levels. depending on the depth of wisdom, compare people to horses for convenience. If they can reach the first level, they are people with true wisdom. Come and see what floor you are on!

1. Insight into the world – Superior horse

The first level is likened to a superior horse, with clear vision, the deepest wisdom, so it is called the best horse of the first class. This type of horse can travel thousands of miles a day, as fast as a shooting star.

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Most valuable is that it is full of intuition, not just blindly pursuing speed. When the rider just waved the whip, it was able to immediately understand the owner’s mind, the ability to move quickly and slowly, creating perfect coordination with its owner. On the way, their ears can hear eight directions, eyes can see six directions, so when it detects obstacles it can always avoid perfectly, resulting in very stable and efficient travel. high fruit.

People who are likened to this type of horse can clearly realize the nature of things, when they work, they do not stereotype or do it completely according to the method others say, they prefer to rely on creative thinking and application. flexible variable, or in short, they are the kind of people who say one understand ten.

At the same time, they can foresee disasters, sense danger in advance, prepare solutions or even eliminate threats that have not yet arrived, avoiding causing damage to themselves. them and others.

For example, the Suning Group, formerly the largest non-governmental retailer in China, is a very successful business. However, with the development of the internet, Truong Can Dong, one of the founders of Suning Group, realized that this not only helps people to access the internet more conveniently, but also an opportunity for businesses. business type, so he decided to convert Suning into an e-commerce business.

In the context of the collapse of countless companies in the face of the “invasion” of the internet, Suning Group has been given the opportunity to rise and become one of the giants in the online shopping industry.

Therefore, most people with deep wisdom have foresight, can see invisible dangers, and then come up with ways to deal with them. They can even turn disaster into opportunity. This type of person is the horse of the highest discernment.

2. Flexible response, someone with a bit of wisdom

Second class are the responsive horses, they tend to run very fast. when the owner swings the whip, they can immediately drag the carriage behind at a rapid gallop. But this type of horse only blindly searches for speed, runs non-stop, can hardly coordinate with the owner’s mind, so can’t see obstacles on the road.

Intelligence is not equal to TUESDAY: Tue can is divided into 4 levels, what floor do you belong to?  - Photo 2.

People who are likened to this type of horse are also intelligent people in life, but they cannot learn to understand or predict things. In return, they learn very quickly and can react flexibly when something happens.

But this type of person also has a defect, that is, they do not have an innovative mindset, they just always follow the way of others, are not creative, so they can only follow in the footsteps of their predecessors and achieve new goals. small achievements, it is very difficult to be the leader in an industry or pioneer.

You know, if you follow others, you will never be able to surpass others. Therefore, in life, you should build up your courage, read more, communicate with “high-quality” people, broaden your horizons and learn to think independently. Only in this way can you find your own path.

3. Slow learning, slow understanding – normal horse

Third place is a normal horse, when the rider waves the whip, this type of horse will still not know what is happening, so they just stand still and do not move, until the whip touches the skin, feels the pain. running head.

People who are likened to this type of horse have a relatively shallow wisdom base, react very slowly, perceive risks in life very poorly, hesitate to do anything, are not decisive enough, often miss opportunities. , did not see the coming disaster. So when tribulation comes, they can only complain that God is not fair and does not give them the opportunity to succeed.

No matter what you do, you should have careful backup plans, then the new action will be smooth, even if it is difficult, it will not be chaotic. If when you have a problem, you panic all over, procrastinate to solve it, afraid of wolves before tigers, then it will only make the situation worse.

4. Stupid ponies, difficult to tame

The fourth class are unruly, stubborn and stupid horses, no matter how much the charioteer swings the whip, they will turn a blind eye, immobile.

Intelligence is not equal to TUESDAY: Tue can is divided into 4 levels, what floor do you belong to?  - Photo 3.

This type of horse is very useless, of course no one will buy them, keeping them is a waste of money, so horsemen often kill this type of horse for meat.

People who are likened to this type of horse have almost no wisdom, simple thinking, basic knowledge also seems to not know, much less understand the world, so even if others explain it in detail. they also cannot comprehend.

In life, they are always egotistical, do nothing from tricks, do not care about the consequences just to gain benefits. In the workplace, they are also a blind selfish person, because they do not value others, so they often make colleagues hate.

Even if they are kindly advised by others, they will still stubbornly follow their own path. The consequences are often self-inflicted, career and family are all gone.

To give up these bad habits, you must consistently learn how to do good and accumulate virtue in life, be selective and absorb the good advice of others. Cause and effect are good and evil, to put it bluntly, if you help people, they will help you in return, if you are kind to people, people will naturally be kind to you. In life, the more friends you have with less enemies, the better life will be.

In short, wisdom faculty is something hidden in everyone’s mind, from a person’s words and deeds, we can see whether they have wisdom faculty or not, but in the end it is not a thing. permanent. Destiny is created by ourselves, as long as we know how to cultivate ourselves and accumulate virtue from small things, in the long run, our wisdom roots will naturally take root, and blessings will come silently.

Tran Anh

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