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Waste of slow exploitation of National Database

In which, the national database on population has a leading position, even being called “the heart of digital government”. Necessary personal information of all citizens is stored in the National Population Database. Almost all areas of national comprehensive digital transformation related to citizens must rely on this national database.

On the afternoon of February 25, 2021, in Hanoi City, the Ministry of Public Security opened the National Database System on population and the system of production, issuance and management of CCCD. On June 22, 2021, the Ministry of Public Security announced the official operation of these two systems from July 1, 2021, when the 2020 Residence Law takes effect.

However, the national database cannot bring into full play its benefits if it has not been properly exploited. Because, many authorities still follow the mindset of “waiting for the water to reach your feet before jumping” instead of based on the planning that prepares everything to be able to connect and exploit as soon as the gate is opened. The “conductor” that is the digital transformation government must provide a roadmap for members to exploit the national database, which is the foundation for the digital transformation. People have to continue to suffer inconvenience and cost both time and money before the delay in connecting to exploit the national database on population of the authorities. Just calculate the amount of time and cost for each procedure to update information for each citizen and multiply the number of people to do it, we will see how terrible the waste is.

For example, after getting a new CCCD card, customers have to update and change information for their bank accounts. According to regulations, they are required to come directly to work at the bank’s transaction office. When it comes to property and money, be careful. However, while some banks only need to scan the QR code of the name of the CCCD card with the chip to be able to authenticate, there are many banks that are required to have a paper from the police to identify 2 old and new ID numbers. belongs to one person.

Up to now, there is almost no agency that automatically updates the change of CCCD number to the people, forcing them to do it manually. It will save money if the procedure to change this information is done online (maybe through the public administrative service portal). If it is connected to the National Database, the requesting agency only needs to access it for authentication. The authorities also need to review the old legal regulations in order to promptly amend them to suit the new situation in the current digital transformation context.

Previously, according to Decree 137/2015/ND-CP (specifying in detail a number of articles and measures to implement the Law on CCCD), the updating, changing and editing of people’s personal information on the national database on population The residence must be done by the head of the police agency of the district or higher level where he/she permanently resides. Recently, regulations have become more convenient for people when Circular 59/2021/TT-BCA guiding the implementation of Decree 137/2015/ND-CP allows police chiefs of communes and wards to have the authority to edit information. of citizens on the National Database of Population. How convenient would it be for people if on the basis of shared communication, they only need to make a request at the police station where they temporarily reside, then the police department will deal with each other, no need for people to return home. authentic place of residence.

Except for important areas that need direct authentication from the owner, the best thing is for relevant agencies to automatically connect to the National Database to update or authenticate the people. In a simpler step, people just need to make an online request and the receiving agency can proceed. This is even more convenient when people now have more personal identification accounts for electronic identification and electronic authentication. Digital conversion but still having to use paper and direct transactions is still inadequate and half-hearted.

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