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What do scientists say about mysterious hepatitis in children?

The global medical community is trying to understand the cause of hepatitis mystery in children. Scientists focused their attention on viruses such as adenoviruses, which often cause acute illnesses and are transmitted mainly through the respiratory tract. Until now, cases of abnormal hepatitis in healthy children were still very rare. At least 17 countries have detected cases or are investigating information about the existence of cases.

World Health Organization spokesman Tarik Jasarevic said: “As of May 1, at least 228 cases can be reported to WHO from 20 countries, more than 50 cases are under investigation. Most cases are in Europe, but there have also been reports of cases in the Americas, Western Pacific and Southeast Asia.

Although cases are rare, they are still unusual. In the UK, there are two pediatric liver disease wards that have received an entire year’s worth of cases. Currently, most children with mysterious liver disease recover completely, only a few cases are seriously ill, nearly 10% of cases are reported to require a liver transplant. The World Health Organization has only recognized one death.

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Until now, the cause of the cases has not been determined, but many scientists are studying the direction of the adeno virus as the culprit. To date, adenoviruses are common but are not usually associated with hepatitis in otherwise healthy children. So it is possible that a new strain of the adenovirus has emerged, or that cases have been infected with both the adenovirus and some other risk factor such as infection with a toxin or another pathogen.

Health officials have also not identified any particular movement, diet, chemical exposure or other risk factor that may have contributed to the cases.

Currently, the US has issued a nationwide warning, asking all medical facilities to be on the lookout for suspected cases of mysterious hepatitis. Parents are reminded that the most obvious sign of liver disease is yellow skin and eyes so that they can take their child to a doctor in time.

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