Why do you have a CCCD with a chip and still need an electronic identification account?

Currently, the Ministry of Public Security and local police are implementing electronic identification accounts for people, through the issue of CCCD cards with chips.

Many readers are still wondering about electronic identity, what is electronic identity, why do you have a CCCD with a chip and still need an electronic identity account, will it cause waste, generate additional procedures…?

According to the Ministry of Public Security, currently the identification and authentication of individuals when performing real-life transactions is mainly based on a number of prescribed personal papers such as identity cards, citizen identification cards, etc. passport.

Meanwhile, the current electronic settlement of administrative procedures does not yet have a mechanism to identify and authenticate user information to ensure accuracy, uniformity, and verification.

This directly affects the efficiency of providing and using online public administrative services.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Public Security as a population management agency realizes that it is necessary to be responsible for authenticating and identifying citizens in the electronic environment, contributing to accurately identifying citizen information, serving management, crime prevention and epidemic prevention.

In addition, the application of electronic identification and authentication for individuals also meets the management requirements for electronic transactions in the network environment in order to limit fraudulent activities, appropriation of property, infringing upon electronic transactions. honor, dignity and prestige, causing loss of national security, social order and safety.

Citizens can sit at home to perform many public services (integrated on the e-identification application), without having to go directly to the headquarters of state agencies.

In addition, when citizens use electronic identities, the system will automatically fill in citizens’ information in registrations without having to declare and fill in information as many times as before.

This saves a lot of time and costs for declaration forms, and reduces many procedural steps that need to be resolved.

Citizens can replace the physical citizen identity and the papers that the citizen registers integrated displayed on the national electronic identification application such as: driver’s license, vehicle registration, medical insurance card economic…

Citizens can perform financial transactions (pay electricity and water bills, pay social and medical insurance, transfer money, etc.).

According to the Ministry of Public Security, a Vietnamese citizen’s electronic identity includes a personal identification number (a code on a citizen’s identity card), family name, middle name and first name, date of birth, gender, nationality, permanent place of registration; portrait and fingerprint.

An electronic identity account includes a login name (which is a citizen’s personal identification number) and a password (sent via SMS to each individual). This account has been authenticated by the Ministry of Public Security through the national population database system, ensuring accuracy, uniqueness and cannot be faked.

When carrying out the registration procedures for an electronic identification account, citizens need to prepare a valid chip-based citizen ID. In case a citizen loses his or her chip-mounted citizen ID or is past due, he/she can carry out the procedures for registration for an electronic identification account with chip-based citizenship at the police office.

Citizens need to prepare information about the types of documents that citizens want to register and integrate into their electronic identity accounts to provide to the police.

3 steps to register for an electronic identity account

– Step 1: Citizens notify officials of the application for electronic identification. Registration information includes: Phone number, email address.

Citizens can provide additional information about dependents with accompanying documents (if citizens wish to integrate this information into the application file for electronic identification).

In case citizens need to register for integration of information displayed on the national electronic identification application, papers such as driver’s license, vehicle registration, social insurance, health insurance .. ., then bring more original papers for comparison.

– Step 2: Citizens make a dossier of application for issuance, exchange and re-issuance of CCCD with electronic chip, including personal/relative information and biometric information.

– Step 3: Officers continue to process applications for issuance, exchange and re-issuance of CCCD with chip in accordance with the CCCD granting process.

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