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With relatives, once you cross these 3 lines, it’s best not to contact

Family love is the most complicated relationship in the world. Although they are related by blood, not all relatives look forward to you, wish you the best and because of the two blood words, many people still choose to try to maintain this toxic relationship.

Being kind to everyone is a good thing, but trying to hold back and close your eyes for all because of the so-called bloodline, in the end, the person who suffers the most is yourself. In any relationship, each person needs to have certain boundaries to determine where the other person cannot cross. Without this, the other party will become increasingly aggressive and lack respect for you.

Relatives and relatives can help you in times of need, but there are also some people who will only come to you when they need help and turn away as soon as the need is satisfied. When you are in trouble, those people will make all sorts of excuses, ignore them as if nothing happened.

In fact, with relatives, there are 3 lines, once crossed, should not communicate much with each other.

With relatives, once you cross these 3 lines, it's best not to contact - 1

1. Looking to just borrow money

Everyone will encounter difficult times and in those times, asking for help from loved ones is one of the lifesavers. We will usually try to help when economic conditions permit. However, for loved ones who come to you just for money, borrowing money without paying it back is a different story.

They are very good people to borrow money, but when you ask for that amount because it is past due, they always disappear, even blaming you: “It’s not that I don’t pay you back, why do you have to push? urge is not equal to a foreigner.”

When you encounter such a person, it is best to keep your distance. Helping others is a good thing but kindness needs to be given to the right people. With relatives, when lending money, you also need to have certain principles. Do not try to lend when you are in trouble and do not try to put your trust in someone who is always wrong with you.

Of course, there are also some relatives because it is really difficult to open up and ask for your help. The difference is that they will try their best to pay on time, always grateful for this help. For such people, if you help them, they will definitely be grateful, later when you are in trouble, they will wholeheartedly help.

With relatives, once you cross these 3 lines, it's best not to contact - 2

2. Too much interference in your family’s privacy

No matter how good a kinship relationship is, you should set some boundaries in the relationship, if crossing it is a lack of respect.

Some relatives don’t know if it’s because of poor emotional intelligence or bad intentions, but especially like to interfere in other people’s private affairs, even spreading those stories even if they don’t know it themselves. how true. When we meet such people, we often have a headache because we do not know if they have low emotional intelligence or have bad intentions. And because we are blood relatives, we choose to tolerate each other, trying until we run out of patience.

If a loved one interferes in your family’s privacy but you know they do it with the hope that better things will happen to you, appreciate their kindness, listen, and be selective. If that person just likes to stand in one place and point 5 fingers to tell someone to do what they want, it’s best to stay away.

With relatives, once you cross these 3 lines, it's best not to contact - 3

3. Stab in the back

For some people, relatives mean nothing, just two words of indifference to them. They do not want to accept the fact that you are good, when they see you have something more, they will be jealous, when your life is not as expected, they will gloat and laugh.

People with this personality type will even stab you in the back, attack you when you’re down, try to pull you down when you’re high up, and speak ill of you to outsiders.

They are people who only care about their own interests. When they see you as more than them or their interests, everything will be shown as it is. Encountering such a person, you need to get away as soon as possible. Do not stay in close contact with this type of person because not only will it waste time and energy, but it will also hurt yourself.

There are many types of relatives in this world. Someone is just waiting for you to fall into trouble to laugh at; There are people who always hope your life is better, will try to help when possible. So don’t consider all kinship relationships the same because there will always be people who are honest with you, others who are not. Everyone needs to have boundaries that once someone else has crossed, it’s best not to stay in touch.

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