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Xbox is down leaving many users unable to start the game

Microsoft servers experienced a major outage that took up to 12 hours to fix.

According to VCG, some Xbox users were unable to purchase or launch the game for about 12 hours on June 6 and May 7, a situation that was noted after a major Microsoft server crash.

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Xbox experiences major outage within 12 hours


The server issue was first confirmed by Microsoft’s support team at 3:45 a.m. on Friday, May 6, where the team said it had identified some users who were unable to purchase, launch games, or start playing games. start playing sessions on Cloud Gaming.

Microsoft seemed to have fixed the purchase issue within a few hours, but it took almost 12 hours for all affected users to be able to relaunch their purchased games or start playing sessions. Cloud game.

After the incident, Xbox Support also acknowledged that some users were still unable to access media streaming apps like Netflix and Disney+.

The outage once again highlights the potential problems of online DRM (Digital rights management) and how such systems for managing copyright can sometimes prevent people use the software they have paid for. ModernVintageGamer, a Youtuber and developer at Night Dive Studios, criticized the length of Xbox downtime and called online DRM ‘cancer’.

Columnist Ben Turpin added: “This is why Microsoft really needs to get rid of DRM. I am sure this violates the rights of consumers. What if Xbox Live is down for a week due to a large-scale attack by hackers? The first thing we can see is that no one can play their own digital game. I have a lot of respect for Microsoft, but DRM sucks.”

The incident once again highlights the retention problem in the game industry and the challenges developers face to keep their games always playable in the future, if services as important as Xbox Live disappeared.

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