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4 traits from childhood are signs of millionaires in adulthood

”Don’t let your children lose at the starting line” is the educational tenet of many parents. For this reason many parents work hard so that their child can achieve everything in the future. Although it may not be as good as Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, this is a direction worth learning for your children.

According to many studies by educational experts, the childhood of successful people has similar characteristics. Specifically, Harvard University surveyed 10,000 for statistics, analysis and conclusion: A person’s success is directly related to childhood experiences.

Survey results show that children with the following characteristics as children will complete 85% of university degrees, earn 30% more than the average salary as adults and have a happy family .

Independent from a young age

Psychologist Maslow studied in detail successful people such as Einstein, Beethoven, Lincoln, Goethe, Spinosa… and realized that these outstanding figures displayed independent personalities from an early age. Instead of relying on others, they prefer to solve problems on their own and have a need for independence.

Independence is a common trait of most successful people and it manifests in thinking, socializing, decision making, and choices. In general, children will have a sense of independence by the age of 2. If children want to choose and make their own decisions at this point, parents should not interfere.

Doing housework from a young age

In 1938, a Harvard scholar surveyed 456 young adults over 75 years and concluded that: Children who do housework are more likely to be successful in the future.

In 2014, the Chinese Academy of Educational Sciences also conducted a survey of 20,000 primary school students in four provinces, the results showed that children who know how to do housework are 27 times higher than the rest of the group.

Harvard University study: 4 characteristics from childhood are signs of millionaires in adulthood - Photo 1.

When doing housework, the fingers perform a number of complex movements. This helps to increase blood flow to the brain, creating conditions for children to be more flexible.

Children who can do household chores as adults are also more responsible and independent.

“Thick Face” – the ability to face setbacks

Nham Chinh Phi – Founder and CEO of Huawei Technology Group once said: “Only those who have no shame can become successful”.

It is very easy for children to get discouraged these days when they are criticized by teachers and parents. However, with “thick-faced” children not only obey, they also work hard to achieve their goals instead of being easily embarrassed and soon give up.

When faced with difficulties and failures, these children are better able to seize opportunities.

Like reading

Charlie Munger is an American billionaire, investor, businessman and former real estate attorney. He is the Vice Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, a conglomerate controlled by Warren Buffett. He is commonly known by the nickname “The Man Behind Buffett”.

This billionaire once said: “I’ve never met a smart person in my life who doesn’t read a book every day, no one. The level of reading Warren and I have can surprise anyone. Children often laughed at me, calling me “a bipedal bookworm”.

A survey of the lifestyle habits of 177 billionaires found that: The biggest thing they have in common is reading. A survey of the daily habits of the top students in the college entrance exam also found that 80% of the top students have a habit of reading every day.

Harvard University study: 4 characteristics from childhood are signs of millionaires in adulthood - Photo 2.

These days, many parents pay attention to cultivating reading habits for their children. Children who read books from an early age are likened to standing on the shoulders of famous people to see the world.

3-6 years old is an important period to develop reading habits in children. At this time, parents can choose titles related to self-control, independent character, behavior management… From here, not only reading habits, children’s abilities are also developed.

According to 163

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