5 important tips when eating meat

In recent decades, people’s quality of life has improved significantly, almost every meal includes meat, especially red meat such as pork, beef… This is a type of food. The product contains high quality protein, B vitamins and iron, is easy to use and absorb, helps to provide nutrients nutrition necessary for the body.

However, if you eat too much meat or eat the wrong kind, it can harm the body and even increase the risk of cancer. The following are important tips you should know early.

1. Eating too much dried and smoked meat increases the risk of early death

Studies have shown that consuming more than 40 grams of dried or smoked meat per day can shorten life expectancy. Those who ate more than 160 grams per day had a 44% increased risk of premature death compared with those who ate 10 to 20 grams per day.

The reason is because processed meat not only contains a lot of saturated fatty acids but also contains too much cholesterol, which can easily clog blood vessels and cause coronary heart disease.

Processed meat also contains a lot of nitrite, which will combine with amines in the body to form nitrosamines that can cause cancer. It is rated as a class I carcinogen and may increase the risk of stomach cancer. Therefore, if you like to eat processed meat, your daily intake should not exceed 28 grams.

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2. Charcoal barbecue increases the risk of cancer

During the grilling process, the decomposed fat will soak into the charcoal, then combine with the protein of the meat to create the potent carcinogen benzopyrene, which can be harmful to health.

3. Healthy stew, hot pot or steamed meat

The best way to cook meat is to cook it in a stew. Stew meat for a long time can reduce a large amount of cholesterol. In addition to cooking by stewing, you can also cook hot pot or steam meat. When eating roast meat, you should combine it with green vegetables.

4. Eat less fat

Pork, beef, and lamb are meats with a high fat and cholesterol content, but their lean meat also contains heme iron, which is easily absorbed, which helps prevent iron deficiency anemia, so it is advisable to try Try to eat less fatty meat. Alternatively, you can also choose to eat skinless poultry and low-fat fish.

Hard workers should choose white meat, manual workers should choose red meat. As age increases, the body’s functions gradually degrade, if eating too much red meat can cause cognitive decline and increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases, so you should choose to eat white meat.

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5. Do not defrost meat more than once

Meat is susceptible to bacterial contamination when defrosted many times, so try to cut meat into small pieces and store in the refrigerator, take out and eat just enough for one time. Defrost meat in the microwave and turn the power to the lowest setting. You can also transfer meat from the freezer to the freezer before using it; or freeze meat under running water.

In addition, children in the period of growth and development should eat a reasonable combination of white and red meat. Overweight and obese people, people with big breasts should eat less meat, can be replaced with eggs and beans.

Beef contains too much fat and cholesterol, rough texture, weak digestion should eat less to avoid indigestion. People with fever, eczema, allergies, arthritis should eat little or no lamb to avoid making the disease worse.

The daily amount of fresh meat that each person should eat should be controlled at 75 grams.

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