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8 basic fashion mistakes that everyone makes once

Large checkered pattern

Clothing with plaid pattern looks quite youthful, but it will make the wearer look fatter. If you don’t have a slim body like the models, then you should only choose petite patterns.

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Horizontal pattern pants

Horizontal pattern pants will make your legs look bigger than usual, to overcome, choose pants with vertical stripes. However, to be able to wear it for a long time and not be out of fashion, women should choose monochrome plain pants.

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Shirt with many details

Shirts with too many details such as ruffles or lace will make the outfit more cumbersome, women with a full body should avoid these styles. Prioritize choosing simple, low-textured clothes, a little attention can see that the split skirts will also help the body look more neat.

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Large floral skirt and horizontally coordinated

The large floral dresses make the figure more plump, if the floral pattern is coordinated horizontally, the figure will be “submerged” significantly. So, the smartest way is to choose a shirt or skirt with V-neck details, besides choosing a pair of nude heels is also a way to help you look taller.

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Boat neck dress

The boat neck dress is discreet but makes you look a few years older, not to mention, the boat neck detail also makes the figure not elegant, for girls with horizontal shoulders, this is the design that should be included. “blacklist” should not be selected.

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Didn’t pay attention to the waist detail

Whether wearing a skirt or pants, it’s best for girls to wear a shirt to accentuate the waist, or with one-piece dresses, a belt will be an extremely flattering detail.

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Wide shirt mixed with wide pants

Just like colors, you should mix contrasting light/dark colors so that the set does not look boring, the same goes for the style of the outfit, if you have chosen a loose shirt, you should choose a tight pants shape, avoid choosing Both the shirt and the pants are too wide, because even with the shirt, it will not look out of shape.

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Choose unflattering jeans

Even though they are timeless items, don’t waste your money on unflattering jeans. Many people only care about the width / tight, high waist or low waist, but ignore the detail of the back pocket, which is a detail that not only helps to hack the shape but also hack the 3rd round significantly. Should not choose low-pocket jeans, sewn too far apart, should choose pants that the 2 back pockets are high and close.

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