9 simple and effective ways to unclog drains at home

What are the signs that the sewer line is clogged?

It’s not difficult to tell when your sewer line is falling into a blocked condition. When you have the following signs, go with the company suction tunnels in district 7 Find a way to unblock it now:

  • There is a bad smell around the drain area even though you have cleaned it.
  • When using water, the drain pipe drains slowly or shows no signs of draining.
  • Wastewater is refluxed into the bathroom.
  • In the sewer pipe, there is a noise and around the appearance of insects.
  • Small whirlpools and air bubbles appear when you pour a large amount of wastewater down the drain.

Here are 9 simple and effective ways to unclog drains at home:

Method 1: Use a manual drain unclogging tool

Thread a piece of wire of the tool into the manhole, then use the handwheel to let the wire of the tool go slowly deep into the manhole. The places where the steel wire goes through will carry all kinds of garbage. When it feels deep enough, turn slowly backwards to pull the litter up.

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Method 2: Use scientific microbiological products

Currently on the market there are many types of microbiological products that are capable of unclogging drains extremely effectively. The microorganisms, after being prepared according to the manufacturer’s recipe, will follow the drain to flow down and eat away what stops it, especially for long-standing garbage such as grease and food leftovers.

But with this method, you must pay attention to the correct dosage according to the manufacturer’s instructions, the drain will become more effective and faster.

Method 3: Use salt and baking powder to unclog drains quickly

Salt and baking powder are two ingredients that are easily found in the house, cost-effective, and extremely easy to make.

You can make a 1:1 recipe, pour the mixture down the drain and wait for 10 to 15 minutes, then pour some hot water down. The chemical reactions of salt, baking powder and hot water can easily remove stubborn debris lying inside pipes.

Method 4: Use dishwashing liquid

An ingredient easily found in every home, pour a little dishwashing liquid into the drain to lubricate the wall of the drain, then pour in a little boiled water to complete the process of unclogging the drain.

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Method 5: Use the traditional way to unclog drains

In the past, when society was not as developed as it is today, our grandparents used to use snakehead fish (fruit fish) or eel to unclog blocked drains. This method may sound absurd, but when you do it, you will see its surprising effectiveness. When released, the snakehead fish or eel will try to push anything that gets in its way in front of it so it can move on.

One save, choose the ones with a little larger body, its thrust will be stronger, the drain will quickly open.

Method 6: Baking powder and rice vinegar

These two foods you can easily find at home, are quite simple and cheap ingredients, but their effectiveness is very high.

Mix rice vinegar and baking powder in a 1:1 ratio, when the solution starts to bubble, immediately pour it into the drain. It will help you easily “get rid” of all types of waste that are still stuck deep inside the manhole. After a few hours, pour in some boiled water to make sure the drain is really clean.

Method 7: Baking soda and vinegar

Pour some baking soda into the drain, try to pour carefully to make sure the baking soda will touch the amount of garbage inside. Then, slowly pour the vinegar into the drain. In vinegar contains acid, when combined with baking soda, it will form a solution that makes the waste deep inside easily soften and slide down quickly.

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Method 8: Rubber piston unclogging tool

Cleverly use the plunger to cover the entire drain mouth and then repeatedly press down, the continuous push and suction of this tool will quickly disturb the amount of garbage inside and drift down the drain.

Note that this method is only used for sluice gates with moderately small mouths to be effective.

Method 9: Use drain cleaning solution

Compared with microorganism powder, the effect of drain cleaning solution is similar but the usage is simpler. You just need to pour the entire solution into the drain and wait about 4 to 6 hours or overnight for the waste to be completely destroyed.

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