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A long-term vision determines the future, an open mind makes life happy, deep thinking makes opportunities come rushing in.

first. Length – Long term vision

Courage is when you can project your vision into the distance, and not get stuck in the present.

Victor Hugo once said, “Life is about smiling in the face of reality and looking to the future through obstacles.”

Guo Jia, a consultant in the late Eastern Han Dynasty, although he lived to only 38 years old, has left a deep impression on history, and it is all thanks to his foresight.

In the third year of Kien An, Vien Thieu captured the citadel of Te, Thanh, Quy and four Chau, under his command there were 70,000 troops, generals and military advisors were as numerous as clouds, the day of Vien Thieu’s claim to be emperor could not be thought far away.

Vien Thieu’s subordinates also dreamed of becoming the emperor’s founding god.

However, Quach Gia found that although Vien Thieu was multi-scheming but indecisive, it was difficult to achieve great things.

He turned to army for Cao Cao at that time only had more than 100,000 soldiers, conditions at that time were still very difficult.

Then, at dawn before the battle of Quan Do, under the pressure of 70,000 soldiers of Vien Thieu, many of Cao Cao’s advisers and generals wanted to surrender.

Only Quach Gia saw Vien Thieu’s weakness, gave the famous ten-win-ten theory, analyzed the strengths and weaknesses between Cao and Vien, and raised the morale of the whole army.

In the end, as Guo said, Vien Thieu was multi-scheming but indecisive and missed many opportunities to advance, leading to a great defeat at the Battle of Quan Do.

Another example is Mencius’s mother moved three times in the past, in order to have a good development environment for her children, she could not hesitate to move three times in a row.

This is something very few people can do, after all, the cost of 3 relocations is huge, and most people will think it is not worth it, both a waste of money and a waste of time.

However, Mencius’s mother had a more foresight, she was aware that:

The cost of moving is insignificant compared to the great achievement the child can receive in the future.

It was because of such a visionary mother that there was a millennial famous “Sacred Philosopher”, Mencius today.

There is a proverb: Throw a long line, catch a big fish.

Only when we are not limited to small profits in the short term can we reap great profits in the future;

Only when we firmly believe that all the difficulties and failures of the present are to accumulate strength for the leap in the future, can we reach the top.

Essay on the Three Kingdoms: A long-term vision determines the future, an open mind makes life happy, deep thinking makes opportunities constantly come - Photo 2.

2. Width – The heart is wide open

To a man with an open heart, his heart is like a big lake.

When you throw a torch at it, it quickly goes out;

When you throw in a packet of salt, it gets diluted very quickly.

If you put a packet of salt in a glass of water, is that cup still drinkable?

This is why some people have a hard time getting rid of negative emotions and can’t come out of their depression when they encounter bad things.

The greater the endurance, everything will become as light as a feather.

Like the outstanding Confucian of the Ming Dynasty, Vuong Duong Minh said, this heart is bright, there is nothing complicated and difficult to say.

Vuong Duong Minh’s life was very bumpy, he was beaten with jealousy, he was banned, he was exiled, he was chased and killed… After experiencing such a cruel fate, if he was an ordinary person. , soon felt depressed give up.

However, even though he was exiled to the dragon camp, where miasma was murky, he still had an open mind and always maintained an optimistic mood. It was at this most difficult time that he realized “mind study”, the word “mind” in mind, the way, and heaven. This is the famous “Enlightened Jackie Chan”.

Then he said: “I went to Longchang for two years, encountered miasma, all of my followers were poisoned, but I was still unharmed, that’s because my mind was always open. “

Be optimistic, open up, life is so beautiful, don’t waste your thoughts and feelings on past people and things.

There is no absolute unhappiness in the world, the main thing depends on how you look at it.

Essay on the Three Kingdoms: A long-term vision determines the future, an open mind makes life happy, deep thinking makes opportunities come rushing in - Photo 4.

3. Depth – thought must have depth

Courage is when you can see things deeply.

National Go player Ma Xiaochun once said:

“The average chess player only needs to calculate a few moves in advance, but the master needs to be able to see more than 20 moves in advance.”

When Cao Cao first occupied Yanzhou, his enemies could be seen everywhere.

In Hoai Nam there is Vien Thuat, in the north there is Dao Khiem in Suzhou, in Yizhou there is Han Fa, in Uyen Thanh there is Truong Tu.

He wanted to expand his power, but was worried that dealing with one of them would give the rest of them a chance to attack his base.

At that time, many conspirators advised Cao Cao to attack Truong Tu first, because Truong Tu was the weakest.

Eat the small ones first, expand your power, and then fight against stronger enemies. That way everything will be easy.

But Cao Cao decided to fight Yuan Shu first. Because Dao Khiem is old and no longer wants to compete, Han Fac is indecisive and will not dare to attack Cao Cao.

The result was just as Cao Cao thought, Cao Cao chased after Yuan Shu’s army and the black mountain army within 600m at Khuong Dinh, slowly invading Yuan Shu’s territory. But Dao Khiem, Han Phat and the others did not dare to take advantage of the time when Cao’s army was weakest to attack.

It can be seen that, on the surface, war is just a competition on the level of information and knowledge;

But in fact it is a competition of both inner bravery such as personality, personality…

People with deep thinking can always see clearly the situation and human nature.

Don’t be bothered by trivial things in front of you, and don’t lose your way for temporary gain.

In life, they can see beyond what is currently presented. In their souls they can see the vastness of the sea.

To become a person with real bravery, learn the nature of things and the core factors that determine success or failure.

Only then will life avoid many stumbling blocks and you will be able to confidently move forward.

4. Summary

One’s life is nothing but learning.

Some people live more narrowly, but some people live more spaciously.

When your vision is far enough, you have won the future.

When your inner self is wide enough, you have reaped joy.

When your thinking is deep enough, you have successfully become yourself.

If you do these three things well, you will plant a great pattern and reap a fulfilling life.

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