After Ngo Thanh Van, which Vbiz “sisters” will get married?

After 2 years of love,Ngo Thanh Van and 11-year-old love Huy Tran held a wedding ceremony on May 8. The wedding of the “female” Vietnamese screen took place outdoors, at a high-class hotel in Da Nang. The two’s happy day was held privately and cozy with the number of guests less than 50 people. At the age of 43, she finally found the happiness of life. Although the groom is 11 years old, Ngo Thanh Van and Huy Tran are still very well matched. After Ngo Thanh Van’s wedding, fans and netizens are looking forward to the rest of the famous “sister” couples of Vietnamese showbiz to have such a happy ending.

After Ngo Thanh Van, which Vbiz

After Ngo Thanh Van, which Vbiz

Ngo Thanh Van has a happy ending with young love

Le Quyen – Lam Bao Chau

In early 2021, Le Quyen officially confirmed to be in a relationship with model Lam Bao Chau. Since then, Le Quyen is quite comfortable sharing romantic images of the two. Every time they appear on a social network, the online community has the opportunity to admire the couple “talented boys and girls”. Although 12 years older than Lam Bao Chau, “the queen of the tea room” is still praised for her youthful beauty and “reverse aging” beauty.

After Ngo Thanh Van, which Vbiz

After Ngo Thanh Van, which Vbiz

Le Quyen and Lam Bao Chau are now living in the same house

Le Quyen believes that a boyfriend has 4 good qualities that every girl looks forward to and looks for in the man of her life: “She is a man, delicate, dignified and has a lot of will. Always trying to be a support for her without saying anything.”

Recently, the couple has revealed many times about living in the same house, making fans excited. The two often show off their couple outfits, revealing a hint of taking photos at the same angle. It can be said that after a broken marriage, Le Quyen has found the “true love” of her life. Many viewers hope that the couple will be happier and love each other more. After Ngo Thanh Van, the most anticipated super wedding is also this cult couple.

Truong Ngoc Anh – Anh Dung

After 2 years of being entangled in rumors of a romantic relationship, the couple also officially admitted to loving each other. Since then, in every Vbiz event, Truong Ngoc Anh and Anh Dung always appear hand in hand, making the audience admire and admire. The age difference is 14 years, but the audience always recognizes that Anh Dung and Truong Ngoc Anh are very suitable. Mr. Dung is handsome, mature and masculine, his personality is also very strong and independent, while Truong Ngoc Anh is younger than his real age, so he does not create the feeling of “deviant chopsticks”.

After Ngo Thanh Van, which Vbiz

After Ngo Thanh Van, which Vbiz

Even though they have a 14 year age difference, the two are still extremely beautiful together

There was even a time when Truong Ngoc Anh made many viewers think that she was pregnant for a young love because of her unusually large breasts. However, the actress denied this information, saying: “Having a child is a blessing, so I’ll tell you the good news right away. Thank you for always caring.” If the super wedding of Truong Ngoc Anh and Anh Dung takes place, the audience will definitely be very excited.

My Tam – Mai Tai Phan

My Tam and Mai Tai Phan were rumored to be dating after they collaborated in the MV “Don’t ask me” and played a love role in the movie “My assistant sister” written and directed by My Tam. After that, the couple always accompanied in shows in remote provinces.

The two have extremely intimate and emotional gestures that for a while the audience and the media “forced” both of them to publicly date. But “beautiful sister” My Tam neither denied nor confirmed. Talking about love affairs, My Tam said she is a private person and does not want to share too many private things, when she is really married she will announce it to the audience.

After Ngo Thanh Van, which Vbiz

After Ngo Thanh Van, which Vbiz

My Tam and Mai Tai Phan are still looking forward to the day when their love will be revealed

Many times being screened for love stories, My Tam and Mai Tai Phan are the couple with age difference who are “pushed the boat” by fans most enthusiastically in Vietnamese showbiz. Not long ago, My Tam was entangled in controversy about whether or not she personally confirmed dating a young man 11 years younger than her. On the last Tet holiday, Mai Tai Phan even accompanied My Tam home to celebrate Tet. The two are rumored to be living in the same house now. Therefore, if their love is public, the wedding of this couple will definitely storm Vietnamese showbiz.

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