Aggressive group of people beat female cafe staff with dust

Being assaulted, the female employee was almost unable to resist, only able to stand and take the blow.

Recently, MXH appeared a clip recording the incident scuffle between a group of young people and a female cafe employee attracted the attention of netizens. It is known that the incident happened at about 22:30 on May 7 and was caught by the camera in the restaurant.

In the clip, the female employee is said to be standing and talking with guests when suddenly a group of guests (both men and women) rushed in and slapped them.

Witnessing the incident, a man present there ran to intervene but was pulled out by the group, pointed at his face and threatened.

The clip recorded the incident

As for the female employee of the restaurant, being assaulted, she almost did not resist, silently taking the beating. After a while, the girl was able to escape the encirclement.

Thought the scuffle would stop, but the two sides continued to talk back and forth, arguing for a while. The incident only ended when the female employee ran inside.

Although it is not clear what the cause of the incident is, the group’s action against the council has caused many criticisms.

Some comments from netizens:

– If you bully people, why don’t the girls stand up, run away to avoid being beaten?

– Whatever the cause, the group’s actions against the council are really unacceptable.

– There is no smoke without fire, surely the other employee was right? I can’t run but I’m still trying to stand.

According to Vietnamnet

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