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Being taken by her mother-in-law to the shaman’s house to repair her marriage, the daughter-in-law spent 79 days like hell

According to The New Indian Express, the incident happened in Bhograi area, in Balasore district, Odisha state, India. A woman was put under house arrest and raped for 79 days while staying at a shaman’s house. Later, this shaman was accused of sexually assaulting women. In addition, members of the victim’s husband’s family are also accused of being involved in the incident.

According to the complaint at the police station, the victim was married to a man named Nilamani Jena on June 22, 2017. At that time, this woman’s parents met all the requirements set forth by the husband’s family, including expensive dowry dishes.

Even so, the woman’s life at her husband’s house is still not good. Only about 6 months after returning to her husband’s house, her marriage began to have a series of problems. The couple did not get along, often arguing and quarreling. The woman is also unpopular with her husband’s family. Because of this, the two families had to meet together to resolve the dispute, but it still didn’t work.

Taken by her mother-in-law to the shaman's house to repair the marriageamp;#34;, the daughter-in-law spent 79 days like amp;#34;hellamp;#34;  - first


After that, the woman began to be abused and tortured by her husband’s family members. Because of the pain and fear, the woman asked her husband to intervene, but he did not defend his wife, on the contrary, he even supported the evil actions of his parents with the reason “cannot disobey his father”. mom”.

Later, the woman’s mother-in-law, Gita Rani, heard about a shaman named SK Toraff. This shaman, originally from Kakhara village, practiced magic in Bainchdiha village, in Mayurbhanj district, Odisha state. Gita Rani believes that SK Toraff can solve all problems, especially the marriage disputes between her son and daughter-in-law, so she took her daughter-in-law to see SK Toraff.

Upon arrival, the shaman SK Toraff declared that if the woman would comply with his request and stay with him for a few months, all her problems would disappear, her marital discord. are also resolved. The woman did not believe and disagree, but the mother-in-law Gita Rani still forced her daughter-in-law to stay at the shaman’s house.

Unexpectedly, the woman was locked in the house of the shaman SK Toraff and raped many times by him. The period of 79 days there for her was like “hell”.

It was not until April 28, 2022, that the woman found a chance to rescue herself. While the shaman SK Toraff wasn’t paying attention, she found a phone and texted her parents. Her parents immediately called the police and she was rescued that day.

On May 2, 2022, the woman filed a complaint against the shaman and members of her husband’s family. The shaman SK Toraff has been arrested. In addition, others charged include: Nilamani Jena – the victim’s husband, his mother Gita Rani, his father Purnachandra and his younger brother Suryamani.

Police said they would conduct a medical examination of the victim. The people involved will soon be arrested for investigation.

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