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Boy gets rejected when giving a gift to a single mother

The moment the two met, Thanh Luan gave Bich Hong a bouquet of brilliant flowers. However, the single mother flatly refused to make him embarrassed.

Although he has successfully married many couples, when he met Thanh Luan (34 years old, currently a driving teacher in Binh Phuoc) and Bich Hong (32 years old, customer service officer in Ho Chi Minh City), MC Quyen Linh and Ngoc Lan are still confused.

Thanh Luan and Bich Hong are two players in the program You want to date? episode 792. Both have experienced broken marriages and raised children alone.

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Single father Thanh Luan

When he came to the program, Thanh Luan impressed with his stylish and masculine appearance.

He shared, 4 years ago, he got married and had 2 beautiful sons. But the couple “cut off the burden in the middle of the road” because they ran out of predestined relationships and Thanh Luan felt that he was not at fault for this outcome.

Hearing this, the maidservant Quyen Linh wondered: “Have you ever been busy with work and not paying attention to your wife? A woman with 2 children with her must have been so intense, people broke up. I’m not blaming the man here, but I’m saying it’s to try to fix it for the upcoming love.”

Answering Quyen Linh’s question, Thanh Luan confided: “I’m a responsible person and love warmth, so I never let coldness appear in the family. There may be an error that I don’t know, I will fix it later.”

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Thanh Luan gave a bouquet of flowers, but Bich Hong refused to accept it.

On the other side of the flower wall, Bich Hong is no less attractive with a beautiful and youthful appearance, even though she has a 10-year-old daughter.

Divorced from her ex-husband because she did not feel the sharing and separated for many years, Bich Hong built a lot of “protective fences” and was very fastidious and clear in love affairs. In the first meeting, she flatly refused to accept flowers from Thanh Luan, causing MC Quyen Linh to worry.

“In a love relationship, it is important for us to know how to share, listen and change, to love each other is to live for each other. I like a lover who dresses neatly, is not talkative, is not ungrateful, is not dirty. How I treat my biological parents, I will treat your parents like that. But there is a weakness that I am difficult, my mother and sister, and my daughter also say that I am,” Bich Hong shared about her views on love.

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In the end, the couple decided to go on a date together.

Although the first few moments were a bit awkward, the more they talked, the more they realized the similarity in their views on love. In particular, Thanh Luan’s last words before pressing the button helped conquer a difficult girlfriend: “I’m an introvert, so I will focus on my family and share it with my wife. The woman next to me let me protect, wherever I go, I want a loving husband and wife, without barriers.”

Even the driving teacher said he was willing to let his wife keep money and develop a career in Ho Chi Minh City for the convenience of developing relationships with the girl’s family.

After an intimate conversation, matchmakers Quyen Linh and Ngoc Lan anxiously waited for the couple’s decision. Finally, the heart screen was lit, Thanh Luan and Bich Hong agreed to give each other the opportunity to learn for a long time. Hopefully this will be a good start for the couple to move towards a perfect family in the future.

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