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Career guidance for students: A golden opportunity to explore the future

Threading, vocational guidance for post-secondary students is considered a positive solution to rationally develop human resources. This work is even more important when starting from the 2022-2023 school year, grade 10 students will be able to choose subjects and learning content, in order to develop both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, towards orientation. future career.

That means that instead of finishing high school, students choose a career to choose a school like before, now, this will have to be pushed up soon after secondary school. However, in recent times, many schools and localities have not done this properly, forcing students to go to vocational training.

To change this situation, schools are trying to mobilize resources to better organize career guidance. Difficult problems need to change their thinking to find a solution that suits their needs and desires.

Mobilizing resources for early career guidance for students

As a parent at the school, Lan Anh participates in the Children’s Career Day as a career expert.Supply chain management“. Many students have searched for her topic to learn about this industry from concept to job description.

Career guidance for students: A golden opportunity to learn about the future - Photo 1.

In order to do well as an expert working in the health sector, Dr. Pham Huyen Khanh has carefully prepared for this consultation. She prepared and printed the brochure, which she distributed to all students interested in the medical field.

At the festival, students gathered a lot of information. In addition to professional knowledge, they are also inspired by the passion and enthusiasm of experts in each field.

Truong Thi Linh Nhan, a student at Olympia Inter-High School shared: “The way parents share information is very different from that of teachers or career experts. Teachers often find out our strengths and then suggest suitable majors. Parents only advise on one industry but very deeply. and give me a very realistic view.”

After many years of successfully organizing career guidance activities for students, the experience of Olympia High School shows that any school can effectively do this if it knows how to mobilize available resources. yes.

The cost of this activity varies from school to school. However, even when the budget is tight, schools still have available resources to do it, such as inviting parents and former students to come to the school to share so that they can have a realistic view of many professions.

To promote work AdmissionsCurrently, many colleges and universities are also willing to contribute resources to share this responsibility with high schools.

The universities themselves can go to schools to implement stem projects to introduce careers, students have the opportunity to experience the careers that they love, from which they can make appropriate choices.

According to regulations, after finishing grade 9, students have the right to participate in vocational training at training institutions. Also from next school year, when implementing the new general education program, students will have to choose a combination of subjects close to their future career right from the 10th grade. Therefore, the secondary school level should be given special attention.

Apprenticeship system 9+ shortens the way to work

Undeniably, although there are still concerns and difficulties, the education channelization policies have partly been effective, when the career orientation of students over the years has become clearer. The proportion of secondary school graduates switching to vocational training is increasing, especially in rural areas.

Career guidance for students: A golden opportunity to learn about the future - Photo 2.

In 2020, this rate will reach about 16%, an increase of 5% compared to 2015. With the option to attend the intermediate level, 9+ vocational college as soon as they finish secondary school, most students also set clear goals. Instead of 3 years of high school, early vocational training will shorten the path to employment.

Installing a car engine starter circuit is just one of many skills that Cong and his classmates have practiced and mastered, when they were only in grade 11 at Viet Han Technology Vocational College, in the province. Bac Giang.

Career guidance for students: A golden opportunity to learn about the future - Photo 3.

Studying at college level 9+ majoring in industrial electronics with a foreign affiliate program, this time, Luc (student in Industrial Electronics, College of Industry and Commerce, Vinh Phuc province) is constantly making efforts. The effort to cultivate knowledge for the purpose set when deciding to learn a profession is gradually becoming a reality.

Early entry into the labor market is a clear goal for the most part 9th grade students+ pose. Also according to experts, early vocational training helps them to have skills and qualifications early, and to be flexible in changing jobs. Especially nowadays, with modern technology, high automation, more and more new jobs appear to replace old ones.

Ha Toan Thang, Vice President of Viet Han Technology Vocational College, Bac Giang province said that many professions with great demand for learning are electricity, electronics, information technology, automotive technology, and design. graphics… With the 9+ model, about 30% of the students will be connected to the school, and the rest will have access to businesses as soon as they are in school. Employment rate is more than 90%.

According to Mr. Thang, job opportunities for 9+ students after graduating from school are many, when in Vietnam, the percentage of trained workers with degrees and certificates has only reached 21%. The shortage of technical workers has existed for a long time and tends to increase.

Teaching the new generation of farmers

Job opportunities for students studying 9+ after graduating from school are many. The psychology of choosing vocational training after finishing secondary school is also gradually changing with efforts in career guidance…

In particular, there have been new models of vocational high schools, exploiting the strengths of traditional agriculture… That is the story of the first high school in Vietnam that teaches students agricultural techniques according to the price chain. value from production to agricultural processingfood, according to the Japanese model.

Career guidance for students: A golden opportunity to learn about the future - Photo 4.

For 16-year-old students who have never worked in agriculture, lessons on agricultural techniques such as composting are really surprising in the first few lessons. However, along with surprise, there is high determination because all of them have determined their future goals after 3 years of studying.

Determining the future, nearly 60 students, including students from the southern provinces, strive to study and live away from home. The school therefore also tries to ensure the exit orientation for the students.

As a project implemented under the model of cooperation with Japan to train high-quality agricultural intermediate systems for students after junior high school, Nam Dinh Agricultural High School focuses on training 3 main occupations: Manufacturing Engineering Processing and preservation of agricultural products, Cultivation and protection of plants, Biotechnology along with general programs and Japanese language…

The first course, the school enrolls 2/3 of the target. However, it is expected that by this year, the number of targets will have to increase.

After the processing lessons, the product has been formed, although it is not perfect, and the results of the agricultural engineering class will have to wait more than 2 months, but it has added confidence, excitement and excitement to the students. with his initial results after 1 year of learning to be a new generation farmer.

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