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China conducts combat drills close to Taiwan

Army China announced on May 9 that it had conducted new exercises near Taiwan last week to improve joint operations.

In a statement, the Eastern Theater Command of the Chinese military affirmed that the country’s air and naval forces had carried out combat training from May 6 to east and southwest, near Taiwan to “further test and improve the combat capabilities of various forces and weapons,” according to Reuters. The Eastern Theater Command did not provide further details.

Taiwan’s air defense force on May 6 sent aircraft to warn 18 Chinese planes flying into the air defense identification zone (ADIZ) of Taiwan. The Taiwanese side also said that the plane was detected military China took similar action on 7th and 8th May, in less numbers.

China conducts combat drills close to Taiwan - Photo 1

A Chinese Y-8 anti-submarine aircraft

CNA Screen Capture

According to the Taiwan Defense Agency, China deployed bombers, fighter jets and anti-submarine aircraft. Those planes entered the ADIZ, a broader area that Taiwan monitors and patrols to give more time to respond to threats.

Taiwan has raised the alarm since Russia launched its military campaign in Ukraine. Taiwan’s foreign ministry chief, Joseph Wu, said today that China continues to “expose the threat”, but stressed that “we are determined” to defend the territory, according to Reuters.

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