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Enough to replace gasoline motorbikes in Vietnam

New heights of electric motorcycles

Nearly 4 years on the market, VinFast Klara has received many positive reviews for its design, durability and performance from consumers. This year, the Vietnamese automaker continues to upgrade this model with the Klara S 2022 version for the first time using an LFP (Lithium Ferrous Phosphate) battery and a maximum capacity of 3,000W motor. New technology helps the vehicle to nearly double the travel distance after each charge, from 120km to 194km, and the maximum speed also increases from 48 km / h to 78 km / h.

VinFast Klara S 2022 travels nearly 200 km/charge: Enough to replace petrol motorbikes in Vietnam - Photo 1.

LFP batteries are gradually gaining popularity in the electric vehicle industry, used by famous names like Tesla, Ford or Volkswagen. VinFast is the first manufacturer to bring this battery technology to the range of electric motorcycle products sold in Vietnam. In addition to the advantage of improving performance, LFP batteries have almost no risk of explosion, because the battery shell is made of fireproof plastic material, the battery cells are separated from each other. A problem battery cell does not affect another battery cell, and the problem if it occurs will only be at the level of smoke, not causing serious explosion.

In addition, LFP batteries are known for their long life, thermal stability, low maintenance costs, high charging and discharging capabilities, and competitive costs due to the absence of rare metals such as cobalt (rare earths). Cobalt). This is clearly seen on VinFast Klara S, when the selling price of the car is only 36.9 million VND, 3 million VND lower than the old version despite possessing many outstanding advantages.

VinFast Klara S 2022 travels nearly 200 km/charge: Enough to replace petrol motorbikes in Vietnam - Photo 2.

The performance of VinFast Klara S is even more impressive thanks to changing the position of the battery from the trunk to the bottom. The 28 kg battery pack makes the center of gravity lower, the car operates more firmly, stably and grips the road. The trunk is no longer responsible for storing batteries, so the capacity increases from 17.5 liters to 23 liters, helping to optimize the storage of belongings and personal items.

In addition to the above upgrades, VinFast Klara S 2022 is equipped with a BMS (Battery Management System) switch, which helps users reduce unnecessary battery consumption when not using the vehicle, and the amount of battery consumed. only about 5%/month.

The luxurious, Italian design continues to be reflected in the familiar diamond-shaped headlights and cleverly formed V-shaped front turn signals that have become the trademark of Klara cars. The car has an electronic screen, key finding and anti-theft features. Users can connect the car to the application on the phone to locate the parked car, statistics on the journey history, distance statistics, monitor the charging process…

The outstanding performance of VinFast Klara WILL

VinFast Klara S 2022 travels nearly 200 km/charge: Enough to replace petrol motorbikes in Vietnam - Photo 3.

The upgraded version of the newly launched VinFast Klara S has received many positive reviews from users. Mr. Van Minh, a user of VinFast Klara in Ho Chi Minh City, shared: “I bought a Klara car 2 years ago, the experience is very good, but the information about Klara S makes me… more stunned. Nearly 200 km per charge of the car will help users to ride for a whole week without having to worry about charging the battery.The maximum speed of up to nearly 80 km / h is also enough to meet the needs of both in the city and in the city. With these parameters, Klara S can completely replace gasoline cars.”

Meanwhile, Ms. Pham Thuy, living in Ho Chi Minh City, once wondering about electric cars, was convinced by Klara S. She decided to order a car at a dealer near her house to replace the petrol motorbike. his 11 years old.

“Riding a cost-effective electric car is everyone’s wish, but it has to be easy, convenient and hassle-free. The range of 200 km per charge I think is enough for commuting to work, going out for days.Read More Moreover, VinFast’s charging station has also been put into operation, so I think this is the right time to switch to electric motorbikes,” said Thuy.

VinFast Klara S 2022 travels nearly 200 km/charge: Enough to replace petrol motorbikes in Vietnam - Photo 4.

From April 26 to May 31, customers who order VinFast Klara S will receive a free year of fixed battery subscription, equivalent to 4.2 million VND. After the above time, the Vietnamese car company offers 2 battery subscription options. The flexible package costs VND 199,000/month for a distance of 500km, the cost for each additional kilometer is only VND 429. Fixed package costs 350,000 VND/month, unlimited number of kilometers. In case customers do not want to rent batteries, customers can also choose to buy batteries for 19.9 million VND.

Customers who successfully deposit online for the VinFast Klara S 2022 model also have the opportunity to participate in the lucky draw program “Technology breakthrough – Get lucky gifts”, with a total prize value of up to 820 million VND, including including 20 VIP Pearl cards for 6 nights and unlimited fun at VinWonders worth 30 million VND/card, 60 CGV gift cards worth 2 million VND/card and 200 Shopee vouchers worth 500,000 VND/voucher. The lucky draw will take place on May 18, 2022 and June 3, 2022. Details of the program rules see here.

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