Hermes makes a skateboard bag for $23,000

The bag model called Bolide Skate 65 was introduced in the Hermes Spring/Summer 2022 collection. The bag is inspired by the classic Bolide, a must-have for connoisseurs of fashion.

As the name suggests, the Bolide Skate 65 is a large bag, enough to store things for a short trip. The base of the bag is inspired by a skateboard, which is slightly smaller than an actual skateboard and is not made of wood but is constructed of supple leather coated on an aluminum sheet and stitched directly to the upper. Underneath the board are 4 wheels with brand names printed on them.

Hermes makes a skateboard bag for $23,000 - Photo 1.

Hermes skateboard bag. Photo: Highsnobiety

Currently available at select Hermes stores for $22,900, the Bolide Skate 65 is said to feel as solid as it looks. It is the aluminum sheet inside that helps to increase the durability as well as create the form for the bag. However, the worrying problem of the bag is creating a heavy feeling from the base of the skateboard.

Although heavy, Hermes still succeeds in bringing street style to its luxury products. This is not the first time Hermes has “played” with skateboards, the company once released its silk scarf-like pattern for $ 3,000.

Hermes makes a skateboard bag for $23,000 - Photo 2.

The skateboard attaches below the Hermes bag. Photo: Highsnobiety

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