Homemade tricycles still roam the streets of Hanoi

Despite the fact that the functional forces are constantly handling homemade tricycles, these vehicles are still roaming the streets of Hanoi.

Although there have been many traffic accidents in Hanoi caused by homemade tricycles carrying corrugated iron and iron, these vehicles still operate blatantly.

These vehicles operate from small alleys to major roads, rushing at any time is always a danger to pedestrians.

Recorded at Nguyen Trai Street (the section leading to the overpass of Nga Tu So, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi) within a few minutes, up to 10 homemade tricycles passed.

These vehicles range from billboards that stretch over a meter in length to bundles of sharp scaffolding. In particular, there are trucks carrying iron fences tied on three sides, weighing hundreds of pounds.

xe ba banh tu che cho theo bien quang cao dai hon than xe ca met 05cbc1e3c82340a99515f846eaff0b6a
Homemade tricycle carrying billboards that are a meter longer than the body of the vehicle
gan nhu lai xe khong the quan sat cac xe di xung quanh f10469df7cb040e5a23744b8fd86dc19
It is almost impossible for the driver to see the cars going around
cac loai sat gian giao cung duoc chuyen cho ma khong co bien phap chang buoc an toan 29e071fa54684bcc9ca5aa6c2275be3d
All kinds of iron, scaffolding are also transported without safety measures
xe cong nong keo theo bo sat dai cha chuc met tren pho tran cung quan bac tu liem ha noi 96ef6ea34b284496a479e9c1a854e04c
Agricultural vehicles pull tens of meters of iron bundles on Tran Cung street (Bac Tu Liem district, Hanoi).
xe ba banh tu che van tung hoanh khap pho ha noi eaf2f6cd8c9c418db3ed9ef05caa7c16
cong nong tu che cho gach tren pho de la thanh dong da ha noi 024f2096d92d4fbfa9a704272ee5ad07
Homemade workers and farmers carry bricks on De La Thanh street (Dong Da, Hanoi)
xe ba banh cho theo hang rao sat tren pho de la thanh dong da ha noi 78b835bb7eaa44c2bd43f821a00e7f4e
A tricycle carrying an iron fence on De La Thanh Street (Dong Da, Hanoi)
xe nay con bat chap nguy hiem di nguoc chieu 82fca4c1c46546df8e331be9bd00305a
This car even defies the danger of going in the opposite direction

It is worth mentioning that many cars driving in defiance of regulations and going in the opposite direction have caused accidents.

Typically, on the morning of May 8, an agricultural vehicle carrying a bundle of iron nearly ten meters long traveling in the opposite direction from Vu Trong Phung Street (Thanh Xuan Trung, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi) to Nguyen Trai Street collided with a bus.

After the collision, the whole bundle of iron pierced the car’s glass and penetrated the cockpit. Fortunately, no one was injured in the accident.

vu tai nan giua xe cho sat va xe buyt tren duong nguyen trai sang 85 f426a679c582477f82063904671da7ba
The accident between an iron truck and a bus on Nguyen Trai Street in the morning of May 8
bo sat dam xuyen dau xe buyt 737375de72fa45b289379e9a470cb389
An iron bundle pierced the front of the bus
xe ba banh tu che van tung hoanh khap pho ha noi 85165799c07d41b58345eeb756e39666

The common feature of this homemade vehicle is that it uses a tractor powered by an engine, or an electric motor, without lights, without turn signals and without mirrors.

The safety receivers such as gas pedals, brakes… are poorly designed and have not been tested for safety by the authorities.

The Hanoi People’s Committee has issued many directives to strengthen the prevention and handling of rudimentary vehicles, motorcycles, 3-wheeled motor vehicles, and homemade vehicles that cause unsafety when participating in traffic.

Hanoi City Police also continuously take action to handle organizations and individuals using bulky, oversized and overloaded vehicles to violate the law on traffic order and safety. still roaming the streets.

Dinh Hieu

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