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How to grow tomatoes on the terrace

Mr. Nguyen Giau, in Ho Chi Minh City shares how to grow cherry tomatoes and climbing fruit tomatoes.

Tomato has two main lines: multi-crop tomato and tomato one case. Multi-crop varieties often have small, clustered fruits such as cherry tomatoes and fruit tomatoes, which can grow endlessly depending on the size of the growing container and produce a very long period of harvest with many harvests. consecutive plan.

As for the same crop, most of them are tomato varieties with large fruits, a bunch of only a few fruits. It will grow to a certain extent and then lose its tops and only yield a single crop with a planting time of about 3-4 months.

The instructions below are suitable for growing both types.

How to grow tomatoes on the terrace


Plant pots.

Seed incubator.

Hemp rope for hanging plants.

Fertilizers: Worms, synthetic fertilizers, fish manure, specialized NPK for fruit trees.

Plant protection drugs: Prevent fungi + pests.

Agricultural lime + antagonistic fungus Tricodema.

Planting pots

15-20 liters capacity to plant one tree.

30-50 liter capacity to grow two plants.

A larger pot than a tomato plant will develop stronger roots and absorb more nutrients than a small pot, resulting in larger plants and fruits, more fruit, and higher quality.

Prepare soil for planting and seed nursery

New soil and nursery soil: Mix a mixture of 60% clean soil + 40% rice husk ash, coir, peanut shells, add a little lime + vermicompost, mix well, spread a layer of Tricodema mushrooms on The surface is then watered with enough moisture and covered for 7-10 days.

Old soil: After harvesting, overflow the pot with water 2-3 times to wash away the residual fertilizer of the previous crop, dry the soil for 7-10 days, then mix again as above.

Soak the seeds

The purchased seeds are soaked in water for two hours, taken out and then incubated in a damp towel, kept in a cool place, covered with a plastic bag and left in the dark for faster germination.

After about 24-48 hours, the seeds will crack, sow the seeds into the nursery (some more mature seeds will germinate after 3-4 days).

When sowing seeds, you should put the seeds horizontally or slightly lower the cracked roots to the bottom, after sowing, moisten and put the blister in the old place, in a dark place the seeds will germinate faster.

About 2-3 days after the seeds will emerge from the ground, proceed to bring the nursery to a place with light sunshine, completely cover the rain, water twice a day in the early morning and cool afternoon.

Adding a little vermicompost at this time helps the seedlings to be healthier (or you can water the fish manure diluted at the rate of 3-5ml/1l of water).

Proceed to beat the plant into the pot when the tree reaches a height of about 10-15cm.

Tomatoes harvested on the terrace garden of Mr. Nguyen Giau's family.  Photo: Nguyen Giau

Tomatoes harvested on the terrace garden of Mr. Nguyen Giau’s family. Image: Nguyen Giau

Planting and caring

Gently plant the plant from the nursery into the pot, avoid breaking the potting soil, place the plant so that the potting soil is level with the top soil layer of the pot, you can bury the eggplant stem a little deeper in the ground so that the plant grows extra roots. (not recommended with old soil because it is easy to carry pathogens that cause atrophy of stems and roots).

The potted soil is already mixed with nutrients and then composted, so there is no need to add fertilizer at this stage, only water just enough twice in the morning and afternoon, if it rains, there is no need to water.

About 5-7 days after planting, apply the first phase of fertilizing with a mixture of vermicompost and synthetic fertilizers, three days after watering with fish manure (pay attention to fertilizing and watering around the base, do not violate the trunk).

Just maintain such a regular fertilizer regime every week until the tree has the first flower cluster, then remove it so that the tree can continue to nourish the branches and leaves, you can start to let the flowers get fruit from the second or third inflorescence.

Wherever the tree climbs, it should be wrapped in a rope to prevent it from being broken by wind and rain.

It is possible to let the tree climb in the form of a main stem (L) or a main stem (Y), proceed to remove all the extra branches arising during the tree’s rise to the truss and also during the planting process.

The flowering stage needs to be fully supplemented with nutrients, especially Potassium and Calcium to help the plant set more fruits and limit the loss of young fruit (can add more npk at this stage).

The water requirement of the plant at this stage is about 1.8-2 liters/day.

From the time of planting until the fruit appears, it takes about 1.5 months, it takes another month for the eggplant to fully ripen, if including the incubation process, it is about 3 months.

When the fruit is ripe, if it rains, it should cover the root and spread lime to prevent fruit cracking, lime also helps to strengthen the fruit skin and make the fruit more crispy.

Tomato fruit when ripe will have a strong sweet taste, so it is necessary to add more Potassium when the fruit is almost ripe to achieve the highest quality, harvested when the fruit is dark orange, the stem is slightly discolored and the skin of the fruit. Slightly wrinkled is best.

Unused seeds close the bag tightly and store in the refrigerator.

Nguyen Giau

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