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“I’m ready to be a wife and mother”

Ngo Thanh Van Praise Huy Tran for being the best husband

Wedding Ngo Thanh Van – Huy Tran took place at a resort in Da Nang, attracting the attention of Vietnamese stars and fans. Posting pictures of her husband, who is 11 years younger than her, Ngo Thanh Van sent a message to the “other half”. “The day they returned as a couple and the two of them went home. Thank you for the best companion, life partner, and husband of my life. I’m ready to be a wife and mother! Grateful for the blessings, so grateful for today! I’m very happy!”.

Ngo Thanh Van:

Ngo Thanh Van: “I’m ready to be a wife and mother”. (Photo: FBNV)

Meanwhile, Huy Tran also sent sweet words to his wife: “And the two of you have returned to the same house. Thank you for the best companion, life partner, and wife of my life. Thank you for walking to the end of the road with me… Love you, love you and our little family!”.

Before returning to the same house, Ngo Thanh Van once praised Huy Tran. Actress Hai Phuong shared: “I have Huy, I am very happy”.

When publicizing the love story with Huy Tran, Ngo Thanh Van confided: “I share with you a story, it is the story of a woman who seemed to have been swept away by work. Most of the time she did not spend her time, but only buried her head in work. work, which is inherently rushing to each other.

Her journey of finding career success, finding joy in the work she is passionate about. Her achievements are partly a gift from God given by her hard work and efforts…

Two years of a pandemic is two years of not being able to make time for work. But at the same time a man came into her life, sharing every moment with her. He prepares food and makes coffee in bed every morning. He walks along the street at noon. He opened the car door and drove her home for the evening. He’s neither a prince nor a superhero.”

Ngo Thanh Van:

“The journey is endless, but as long as you keep walking forward, someone will definitely be waiting at the end of the road. Thank you for the happy moments of the present that we have together. Mark the day today to start a new journey together”, Ngo Thanh Van reminded his husband Huy Tran.

Who is Ngo Thanh Van’s husband?

Huy Tran (real name Tran Duc Huy) was born in 1990 in Germany. He graduated from University with a major in Import-Export in Berlin (Germany), then moved back to Vietnam to live and set up a business. Thanks to possessing a handsome face and outstanding appearance, her husband Ngo Thanh Van once won the male king in a small-scale contest. He continued to try his hand at modeling and helped his family manage the fashion business.

Ngo Thanh Van’s husband once attracted attention when participating in the program Who is that person in 2019 and participated in many MVs of singers such as: Duc Phuc, Hien Ho…

Ngo Thanh Van:

Husband Ngo Thanh Van owns a handsome face. (Photo: FBNV)

Regarding love, her husband is 11 years younger than Ngo Thanh Van, who once dated “rich kid” Thao Nhi Le. After that, the two announced “everyone’s way” in 2019, surprising the fans.

In 2020, Ngo Thanh Van and Huy Tran were caught in dating rumors. At that time, the couple kept silent. In February 2021, Huy Tran first publicly appeared next to Ngo Thanh Van at her birthday party. After that, Ngo Thanh Van and Huy Tran received a date. Talking about Huy Tran, “the woman of the Vietnamese screen” said: “You are a fulcrum and make me feel at peace, always feel small and never alone”.

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