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Incomes subject to PIT

According to Clause 2, Article 2 of Circular 111/2013/TT-BTC, taxable income when calculating personal income tax (PIT) from wages and salaries is the income that the employee receives from the employer. . Specifically, taxable income includes the following:

1. Salaries, wages and other incomes of the nature of wages and salaries

2. Allowances and subsidies, except for the following subsidies and allowances:

– Monthly allowance and one-time allowance in accordance with the law on incentives for people with meritorious services.

– Monthly allowance, one-time allowance for those who participate in the resistance war and perform national defense duties.

– Defense and security allowances and subsidies for the armed forces.

– Toxic hazard allowance

– Attraction allowance and regional allowance.

– Allowances for difficulties, labor accidents, occupational diseases, post-natal health rehabilitation, working capacity reduction, lump-sum retirement, job loss allowance or other amounts as prescribed by the Labor Law and social insurance.

– Allowances of beneficiaries of social protection according to regulations. Allowances of senior leaders.

– One-time allowance for those who move to an area with extremely difficult economic conditions, the protection of sovereignty over seas and islands.

– One-time roaming allowance for the following subjects: Vietnamese people residing abroad long-term to work in Vietnam, foreigners coming to reside in Vietnam…

– Allowances of village health workers.

– Allowances of other industry characteristics.

3. Remuneration is received in the following forms:

– Brokerage commissions, merchandise sales agency commissions

– Money to participate in projects and schemes

– Money to participate in scientific and technical research projects

– Royalties according to the law on royalties

– Money to participate in teaching activities

– Money for participation in cultural, artistic, physical training and sports performances

– Advertising service fee

– Other remuneration, other service fees.

4. Money received from associations, organizations

This is the money received from participating in business associations, business control boards, business boards, project management boards, management boards, associations, professional associations and other organizations. .

5. Benefits other than wages and salaries paid by the employer to the taxpayer

Benefits other than salaries and wages paid by the user and which the taxpayer enjoys in any form are also included in taxable income. These accounts include:

– Electricity, water, housing and accompanying services (if any)

– Money paid by the employer to buy life insurance, other optional insurance with accumulated premiums, buy voluntary retirement insurance or contribute to the voluntary retirement fund for employees.

– The fixed part of expenses for stationery, business trips, telephones, costumes, etc. is higher than the current level regulated by the State.

– Other benefits such as spending on holidays and holidays, hiring consulting services, hiring tax returns for one or a group of individuals, spending on domestic helpers such as cooks, drivers, etc. people who do other household chores under contract…

6. Cash or non-cash bonuses of any kind, including stock bonuses

Cash or non-cash bonuses of any kind, including stock bonuses, are included in taxable income, except for the following bonuses:

– Bonuses attached to titles conferred by the State, including bonuses attached to emulation titles and other forms of commendation in accordance with the law on emulation and commendation.

– Bonuses attached to national and international awards recognized by the State of Vietnam.

– Bonuses for inventions, technical improvements, inventions recognized by competent state agencies.

– Bonuses for detecting and reporting violations of the law to competent state agencies.

(According to the Country)

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