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It is difficult for Manh My Ky to return after the minor tam scandal

Manh My Ky has many artistic activities but it is not effective. Every time she appeared, she received criticism.

May 6, page 163 reported that Manh My Ky appeared in a promotional video. Below, tens of thousands of comments criticizing the managers still have problems star scandals, because of violations of ethical standards appeared.

The source commented that although the scandal has passed for many months, the anger that the public has for Manh My Ky has not subsided.

The audience requested to ban the broadcast of Manh My Ky

According to 163Manh My Ky got caught up in the news of the love story of music producer Tran Lenh Thao and his girlfriend from October 2021.

Despite being criticized by the public, Manh My Ky continued to appear. She was not invited to the show entertainment as before, so the female singer herself made dance practice videos and released a new MV called Phan and participate in promotional activities for movies.

Page 163 Comments on female idols worry that if she leaves the entertainment industry, the public will forget her. Therefore, despite being ostracized, Manh My Ky still continues her artistic activities to serve the remaining fans.

However, Manh My Ky’s efforts were considered to challenge public opinion. Under the promotional articles for the film, the audience said that the star born in 1998 did not know how to repent and hastily returned to the entertainment world.

Manh My Ky is hard to come back after a love scandal-1It is difficult for Manh My Ky to return after the love scandal-2Manh My Ky is hard to come back after the love scandal-3Manh My Ky is hard to come back after the love scandal-4
Manh My Ky strives for artistic activities, but she receives many criticisms every time she appears.

The audience also criticized Manh My Ky for his dishonest attitude when the scandal happened. At first, the actress admitted to hurting Tran Lenh Thao’s lover.

“I never thought I would interfere in other people’s relationships. But it is causing great harm. I will reflect on this deeply.”Manh My Ky apologized on his personal page.

This is considered an act of admitting the mistake of the female singer born in 1998. Like stars in love scandals such as Truong Dan Phong, Vuong Luc Hoanh, Hoac Ton, they all withdrew from the entertainment world for a while to apologize and deal with private matters.

However, after that, Manh My Ky blamed musician Tran Lenh Thao for cheating on her. She claimed to be the victim and therefore did not want to have to suspend her artistic activities.

The audience did not believe Manh My Ky’s self-justifications and asked art management agencies to ban her broadcast for violating ethics.

Loss of public sympathy

Manh My Ky was considered by the audience as “representative of artists with strong capitalism behind”. Manh My Ky is the artist of Yuehua, one of the largest entertainment companies in China. Before the scandal, she was the most popular female star in the company.

Thanks to a powerful management company, in the midst of a scandal, she still became the cover face of the magazine Madame Figaro April number.

Manh My Ky was compared with stars like Ngo Diep Pham, Trinh Sang… who had many scandals and limited talent, but still became an A-list artist in China, thanks to the support of companies. management and investment team behind them.

In addition, Manh My Ky was also reacted by public opinion because of the excessive PR management company. Specifically, the film producer My Heart Soars Praise her for her excellent acting. Director Vuong Phong Phong affirmed that even if he chose again, he still gave the female lead role to Manh My Ky.

Vuong Phong Phong praised Manh My Ky as “the new generation Chau Dong Vu”, “a star with unlimited potential of Chinese cinema”. However, in the behind-the-scenes video posted, Manh My Ky did not understand the emotions of the role, constantly asking the director how to express the character’s psychology.

According to QQ, The management company as well as the crew exaggerated Manh My Ky’s acting ability while, in 2020, Manh My Ky had to receive the Golden Broom award for the worst performance in the movie. Tru Tien (cinema version). Until the movie My Heart Soars debut, Manh My Ky’s performance was bad and she received more criticism.

Manh My Ky is hard to come back after a love scandal-5Manh My Ky is hard to come back after the love scandal-6Manh My Ky is hard to come back after the love scandal-7Manh My Ky is hard to come back after the love scandal-8
The more the management company tries to promote Manh My Ky and stamp out the scandal, the more the public loses sympathy for the female singer.

Besides, as soon as the movie My Heart Soars Scheduled screening, Tran Lenh Thao’s girlfriend went online to “clearly exonerate” Manh My Ky.

She said the previous incident was a misunderstanding when angry. She admitted to “blame” and influence Manh My Ky. While before that, the singer admitted to “unintentionally getting into someone else’s relationship”, hurting the other party.

According to Sina, This explanation comes at the right time when Manh My Ky returns to continue her artistic activities. So the incident is said to be the result of an agreement and settlement between the parties, for Manh My Ky to erase the scandal in the past.

Above QQ There is an article analyzing Manh My Ky’s Yuehua management company is using media influence to pave the way for her to return. However, this approach is not effective. The public is even more upset when an artist caught in a scandal has no remorse and is still being overly promoted.

One audience member commented on Sina: “The incident of Manh My Ky shows that the process of purification (the campaign to clean up the entertainment industry) only applies to those who do not have a strong company to back them up. A scandal-ridden star like Manh My Ky still appears on the big screen. shows the injustice of the entertainment industry”.

Manh My Ky was born in 1998. She is a member of the groups Cosmic Girls and Rocket Maiden. In addition to singing, My Ky also encroached on acting with Tru Tien, Marna…

Manh My Ky is considered the most popular female idol in China. In October 2021, the noisy female singer was the third person to enter the love affair of music producer Tran Lenh Thao. The incident affected the image of Manh My Ky. She was canceled by many brands and TV stations.

According to Zing

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