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Johnny Depp’s Daughter Cuts Off Relationship With Amber Heard

Ever since the lawsuit between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard took place, Lily-Rose has always kept quiet. However, the actor’s daughter always respects her father.

The lawsuit between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard attracted the attention of the media and public opinion for nearly a month. Every statement in court, actions, costumes, makeup of the star couple were all commented and dissected.

In addition to the focus on the two main characters, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, those related to the actor – star were also caught up in the legal battle. However, since the lawsuit took place so far, Johnny Depp’s two children, Lily-Rose (born in 1999) and Jack (born in 2002) have both kept quiet.

For the past one month, Lily-Rose has not updated on her personal page. Sheet The Things revealed that the only time the 23-year-old actress spoke out to protect her father was in 2016. She affirmed that the actor is a great father who always loves his children.

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Lily-Rose doesn’t like the way Amber Heard treats her father

Like your children star Another A-list in Hollywood, since birth, Lily-Rose has been sought after by the media and the public. Being the daughter of an actor Pirates of the Carribean and model Vanessa Paradis, Lily-Rose inherited the beauty and talent of her parents.

As a child, she was accompanied by her father to meals with Karl Lagerfeld – the late designer of Chanel and actress Natalie Portman. Lily-Rose’s predestined relationship with fashion was formed after conversations with her seniors.

At the age of 15, Depp’s daughter was invited as a model to represent the globally famous Chanel No.5 perfume line. During his lifetime, designer Karl Lagerfeld once shared: “Lily-Rose is a young girl of a new generation. Her personality has all the qualities of a star”.

Lily-Rose’s career rose like a kite in the wind. The girl was dubbed the “princess of Chanel”.

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Lily-Rose pays respect to her father.

In addition to fashion, Lily-Rose also tried her hand at acting. Her talent continues to be demonstrated through many works such as The Dancer, My Last Luppaby, The King, Voyagers…

“While some children of stars often take advantage of their parents’ fame to develop their careers, Lily-Rose chooses her own path. She always works hard, making a name for herself without relying on it. step on someone”, sheet The Things identify.

When her parents divorced, Lily-Rose often moved between Paris (France) and Los Angeles (USA) so she could be with both of them. The Things revealed that the model born in 1999 did not like the way Amber Heard treated her father.

In 2016, when Johnny Depp was accused of abuse Amber Heard, Lily-Rose speaks out for the first time in her father’s defense. Through a post on her personal page, the star The King affirms that his father is a wonderful man who always loves his children.

“Dad is the sweetest, most loving man I know. He always loves and protects his children. Everyone who knows my family shares the same opinion.” Depp’s daughter insists.

During the trial that took place on April 20, the actor Pirates of the Carribean also revealed that Lily-Rose had not attended his and Heard’s wedding before. Depp emphasized that the relationship between his ex-wife and Lily-Rose was “the rice is not healthy, the soup is not sweet”. And all the causes stem from Heard’s monstrous personality.

The actor added that he stood in front of the court to protect himself and to show his responsibility to his children. He is afraid that the two children will misunderstand their father because of false accusations from his ex-wife.

“It’s been 6 years. It’s strange that one day you, a beloved Cinderella, suddenly become a Quasimodo hunchback at Notre Dame, shunned by everyone. Me, my children and those who love me are not I deserve it. I don’t want them to misunderstand me. The only thing I care about so far is the truth.”Johnny Depp shared in court.

Depp’s daughter cuts ties with Heard

According to The ThingsAt first, Lily-Rose has feelings for her father’s new wife. She regularly communicates with Heard by messaging on social networks. However, not long after, the actress realized the true personality of Amber Heard and decided to cut the relationship.

Lily-Rose even wrote a letter to Heard with the content that she did not like the way the star behaves Aquaman.

Sources revealed on Daily Mail, During a recent trial, Johnny Depp accused his ex-wife of monopolizing his time, preventing the actor from having the opportunity to spend time with his children while they were adults.

In addition, the actor said that Heard used to call him a bad father and did not know how to take care of his children.

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Johnny Depp reveals ex-wife and Lily-Rose don’t get along.

In recent years, Johnny Depp and his two children rarely see each other because the actor pursues a lawsuit with his ex-wife and Lily-Rose focuses on her own career. Jack Depp’s son lives with his mother in France and lives a secluded life.

However, according to People, Lily-Rose and Jack Depp’s love and respect for their father have not faded over time.

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