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KONE DX elevator elevates the experience by integrating advanced technology

KONE DX digital elevator – a recently launched product of KONE corporation has made a difference in user experience by integrating modern connectivity technologies.

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Using API as core technology platform

According to KONE, the core foundation of the KONE DX digital elevator is API connection technology (Application Programming Interfaces) – an “intermediate interface” that helps software to communicate with each other, allowing sharing and access. data or services between applications. This technology helps improve user experience, easily manage and integrate different devices, applications and services; such as calling an elevator with a mobile phone or connecting to a service robot.

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API smart solution makes KONE DX elevator compatible with building management ecosystems as well as other API-enabled products allowing customers to customize and integrate with add-on software and services for elevator during the life of the building, something that conventional elevators cannot do.

“The JW Marriott Shanghai hotel that used an API-connected delivery robot with KONE elevator to serve guests instead of hotel staff is a typical example,” a representative of KONE group said.

API technology is a breakthrough, making a difference for KONE for customers including consultants, developers and building owners to adapt and upgrade the experience of traveling in elevators. According to a representative of KONE Corporation, the successful application of this technology and the adjustment of special features in the KONE DX elevator series has marked a new turning point in the group’s development, a great step forward in the journey of KONE. program towards the mission of building and developing a smart city.

Integrating a series of other advanced technologies

Based on the API core technology platform, KONE DX digital elevator has integrated the most advanced technologies currently researched by this corporation to provide the most perfect user experience.

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Some technologies can be mentioned such as KONE Elevator Call technology, allowing users to call the elevator by phone, thereby minimizing contact during the time when the disease is still at risk. According to the group’s representative, KONE Elevator Call technology has now been applied by KONE Vietnam at the Sojo Hotels chain – the pioneering “no-touch” hotel system in Vietnam and has received positive feedback from customers. use.

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The most decisive factor for the elevator experience is the speed of travel and the waiting time of the user. Thanks to solutions such as: KONE Access Access Control technology; KONE Destination Control System;… has helped buildings to allocate the most optimal ladder to improve transportation efficiency and reduce user waiting time. In addition, each KONE DX digital elevator also integrates a cloud-based device control and monitoring system to help managers ensure the accuracy of data before making decisions.

In the context of increasingly digitized life with synchronously connected smart devices, KONE DX digital elevator also helps to complete the digital ecosystem of buildings, creating the best experience. possible for users throughout the process of moving in and between buildings.

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As a pioneer in the elevator and escalator industry for decades in innovative solutions, KONE Corporation has become a trusted partner in developing smart buildings, contributing to smart cities. smart and sustainable development in the world and in Vietnam.

Established in 1910 in Finland, over a century of establishment and development, KONE Group has become one of the leading corporations in the elevator and escalator industry. Entering the Vietnamese market in 2003, KONE Vietnam has maximized its global expertise and driven the growth of the elevator and escalator market in Vietnam with the success of many major projects such as: InterContinental Ho Tram, Le Meridien Saigon, JW Marriott Hanoi, InterContinental Nha Trang, Hilton Da Nang, Pullman Phu Quoc, Masteri Thao Dien, Sunrise City, Center Point Tower, Techcombank Tower, Lotte Mall Hanoi.

In the future, KONE Group will continue to promote digital solutions with advanced technologies to improve the flow of people and protect safety, as well as flexibly respond to the lifestyle and usage needs of customers. user.

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