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Many candidates are subjective when taking the ability assessment exam

Hanoi National University is one of the few institutions Competency test. The competency test is a standardized test of international practice. Candidates will know their score immediately after taking the test and receive a certificate after 2 weeks.

Currently, nearly 70 schools have announced that they will take the results of the Hanoi National University Competency Assessment Exam. This unit has organized 12 evaluations and has implemented half of it. Because of being registered for the exam many times, there are candidates with subjective psychology.

“Candidates have the mentality that because they take the exam many times, they are subjective in the first exams, being subjective right from the moment they register for the exam, which leads to mistakes as well as the test-taking mentality so that the next time they can be more secure. “, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Tien Thao, Director of the Testing Center, Hanoi National University said.

The schools organize the competency assessment exam such as Vietnam National University, Hanoi, Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi National University of Education, and Hanoi University of Science and Technology. The Ministry of Public Security will organize a competency assessment test for admission to affiliated universities. A representative of Hanoi University of Science and Technology said that the school organizes a thinking assessment exam to select suitable candidates.

The organizers said that the test to assess the ability and thinking will have a high differentiation, especially the group of good and good students.

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