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Million-view clip of 9-year-old sister taking care of her 20-month-old sister is heartwarming

“Must have a daughter” is the catchphrase of many couples. According to the experience of many families, daughters (especially the eldest sister) are often affectionate, good at nurturing, and mature early to take care of them with their parents. Once upon a time there was a saying: “The deep fields of buffaloes and sows are not equal to the first daughter” – to compare having a daughter is like having an extra “gold mine in silver mine”.

Recently, a million-view clip has proven the above concept. Accordingly, the mother is away from home and monitors her children remotely via a security camera application. The woman suddenly felt choked up when witnessing the caring and attentive care of her eldest daughter.

My sister takes good care of me when my mother is not at home

From the recorded clip, it can be seen that the two sisters sleep together. The older sister is 9 years old this year, and the younger sister is just over 1 year old. The older baby was sleeping when he was sad to go to the bathroom, so he crept out of bed. However, because of the sound of the door, she was woken up. Immediately, the big sister ran from the toilet to the bed and comforted her little sister.

However, the younger sister refused to sleep, insisting on sticking to her sister like sam. Helpless and also pampering her, her sister had to carry her to the bathroom with her. After finishing, the two sisters went to bed to sleep again.

The million-view clip of a 9-year-old sister who takes care of her sister for 20 months when her mother is not at home makes the diaper group admire: Giving birth to a daughter is really the best book!  - Photo 2.

Below this video, many people have enjoyed leaving comments. Someone has lamented that this is why the vast majority of people prefer to have their first daughter. There are also people who express their love for the little girl who is very like the eldest.

The sister is very good and smart.

– Older sister is like a second mother to children, after mother, she is always the one who loves them the most.

– Very good. Like a mother always meant.

– The kids are very good now, all the older sisters, 8 and 9 years old, know how to look after their younger siblings, and are even more considerate than their parents.

– Because giving birth to your first daughter is a wonderful thing.

It can be seen that the girl in the clip above has absolutely won people’s hearts. A few others did not forget to lightly tag their relatives and friends so they could admire the little girl’s care with the message: Remember to give birth to your first daughter! de-con-gai-dung-la-thuong-sach-20220508011510081.chn

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