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One day trip to Tan Phu Dong islet

Tien GiangTan Phu Dong isle in the eyes of readers Thanh Phuong is a place with rich nature and gentle people.

Phu Dong place is mentioned in the lyrical melody “Love a person far away” by musician Hoang Phuong, now Phu Dong commune in Tan Phu Dong district, Tien Giang province.

Before planning to explore the land of Phu Dong, I heard a lot from relatives and friends about the past and present of this land between My Tho and Cua Tieu rivers. People’s lives were still difficult and lacking before the district was established. Those stories inspired me to come to this land to both explore the natural scenery and learn about the people’s lives today.

Birds flapping their wings on shrimp squares.

Birds flapping their wings on shrimp squares.

From the center of Ho Chi Minh City, me and two companions rode motorbikes along Highway 50 for about 2 hours to Go Cong Tay district, Tien Giang province. From here, we continue to follow Huong Highway 10 to Tan Long Ferry Terminal. We boarded the ferry to Loi Quan island, and set foot on Tan Phu Dong district.

Thanks to the enthusiastic guidance of a friend living in Tan Phu Dong, we visited famous monuments and landscapes and discovered many interesting things in the island that is changing day by day. ” this. That is the National Monument Luy fortress associated with the insurgent army of the national hero Truong Dinh; Con Cong marine eco-tourism area with alluvial-colored mudflats, many flying storks; lush soursop gardens.

The most impressive image is the image of hundreds of birds lined up on the water pipes and bridges in the shrimp farming squares. They simultaneously took off into the air when there was a strong noise. A beautiful and peaceful picture of nature appeared in front of the eyes, making everyone in the group admire.

A day walking on the land of Tan Phu Dong island, watching the beautiful nature, breathing the fresh air are wonderful experiences. We are relaxed mentally, full of energy for the next working week.

The cost for the whole journey is about 500,000 VND per person, mainly gas and ferry fees. Local food and drink are much cheaper than in the city. The monuments, fruit gardens are free to visit).

To get to Tan Phu Dong district, we have to go by road and river. Roads and ferry terminals have been repaired and expanded, so travel is very convenient, you just need to prepare a good car and thoroughly check the machinery before moving.

Thanh Phuong

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