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Owning “genuine” property at the age of 35, single, living a simple life

At the age of 35, Miss’s brother Phuong Khanh – Make-up artist Phuong Khanh (stage name Hy Nguyen) is not only a prestigious name in the professional make-up village in Ho Chi Minh City, but he also owns a large fortune, always being a solid support for the children. both mentally and physically.

Young, have “genuine” assets

Not only can she buy her own house in District 4, but Phuong Khanh also owns 3 shops specializing in wedding dress and bridal makeup in Ben Tre. Although the epidemic has lasted since 2019 until now, last year, Phuong Khanh’s brother also opened a Japanese-standard health and beauty spa in the center of Ho Chi Minh City.

More importantly, the purpose of opening a spa institute of Phuong Khanh’s brother is to have a place to beautify her sister, build a foundation for Miss Earth to develop her business, and at the same time make a “dowry” when Phuong Khanh get married.

Miss Phuong Khanh's brother: Owns a good property at the age of 35, is single, lives a simple life - Photo 1.

Phuong Khanh brothers and mother.

Miss Phuong Khanh's brother: Owns good property at the age of 35, is single, lives simply - Photo 2.

3 brothers Phuong Khanh, Phuong Khanh, Phuong Khuong.

I want to build the foundation for Khanh. As long as Khanh likes it, in a few years, there will be something for Khanh to do immediately without spending anything. Now Khanh hasn’t felt it yet, so I still have to worry first. Second, opening a spa, I have both a business and a place to earn money and a place to take care of my sister’s health and beauty.“, Miss’s brother once said.

That proves, Phuong Khanh’s brother is quite stable financially. However, when it comes to assets, he is always humble that he “accumulates”, thanks to the help of friends, so he has to endure so many big epidemics.

Phuong Khanh is an extremely sensitive person in business. The epidemic lasted for a long time, lost a lot of money, but he never lost energy. Due to the epidemic, he could not do direct business, he switched to online trading and was very expensive.

While the whole Saigon locked down because of the epidemic, Phuong Khanh won big from online sales. He used to say: “During the epidemic season, Khanh and I sell pomelos, a ton of pomelos every day. When I closed the order, I gave it to someone to deliver. Dozens of buses a day. He said he was afraid that people would laugh at him, but Khanh also sold jackfruit and durian.

Khanh took a picture and then I posted it on the fanpage, selling very expensive goods. Thanks to Khanh’s photo, I sold 3.4 tons of grapefruit, more than a ton of jackfruit and 5 tons of durian to France. Thanks to such wholesale, you also earn, but very hard.

Due to the epidemic, I couldn’t hire people, so I carried it myself. Every day, carrying a few tons of fruit, until 2 or 3 in the morning, the pain in the whole body, back, shoulders and neck. I didn’t sleep enough but had to get up early in the morning to deliver the goods, so I was very tired. Working for more than 1 month, I can’t stand to take a break“.

Despite having a respectable property, the life of Miss Phuong Khanh brothers is very simple. The brothers still ride motorbikes, eat on the sidewalk like everyone else, and life is full of laughter.

Miss Phuong Khanh's brother: Owns good property at the age of 35, is single, lives a simple life - Photo 4.

Phuong Khanh was born in 1987, stage name is Hy Nguyen

Miss Phuong Khanh's brother: Owns a good property at the age of 35, is single, lives a simple life - Photo 5.

At the age of 35, Miss Phuong Khanh’s brother owns a large fortune but is still single.

Used to work hard, doing enough jobs to feed the children

However, in order to have the property and success as today, Phuong Khanh used to work very hard, all just to replace her parents and take care of the children to have a decent and decent life.

From the age of 8, Phuong Khanh knew how to take care of herself and take care of her children. When she went to school, she put her younger brother in the cart and took her with her, while studying while looking after her younger sister. In 5th grade, she goes to school in the morning, and in the afternoon Phuong Khanh rides a bicycle to sell sugar cane. Khanh’s school fees also come from those bundles of sugarcane.

The most difficult time was when her mother gave birth to her youngest brother, Phuong Khuong, due to complications of hyperthyroidism, affecting her heart, and she almost died on the delivery table. 3 brothers were sent to live with their grandmother. Phuong Khanh took a year off from school to stay at home to take care of her children and take care of the family’s economic burden.

During her childhood years, Phuong Khanh worked hard to earn money and take care of her children, so she did not study well. After high school, Phuong Khanh went to Hue to study. After a year, he decided to leave Saigon to find a part-time job, from serving coffee to working as an apprentice in a barber shop.

In 2006, thanks to a sister she knew for a loan, Phuong Khanh decided to go to makeup school and then carry a bag to work, everyone told her to go, no matter how far away she was. At that time, he kept going back and forth between Ben Tre – Saigon. The other two sisters, Phuong Khanh, stay at home to take care of each other and drive each other to school.

Since childhood, her family’s situation was difficult, so Phuong Khanh always loved her two sisters. He took care of them like a father and mother take care of their young children.

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Currently, in addition to makeup, Phuong Khanh is also active in business

He also opened many classes to teach bridal makeup, personal makeup.

As a makeup expert, Phuong Khanh is quite familiar with showbiz, especially beauty contests. With accumulated experience, he cherishes the dream that one day, his sister will become Miss. And to do that, he silently prepares step by step.

When Phuong Khanh took the Miss Earth contest, Phuong Khanh sold off ½ of the fortune she had built up for 3 years in her hometown to invest in her sister. With the support of this team, luck smiled on Phuong Khanh when she was crowned in the highest position: Miss Earth 2018.

When her sister competed for Miss Earth in the Philippines, Phuong Khanh lost 4kg and wanted to give up many times because she was too tired and exhausted. But thinking about his sister, he tried hard again.

After her sister became famous, Phuong Khanh once again withdrew to support her sister. He quietly observed and protected his sister and his relatives as a duty and responsibility that “fate” had arranged for his fate since birth.

Currently, Phuong Khanh is still a strong support for her sister both mentally and physically whenever Miss Earth 2018 needs it.

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