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President Putin reiterates the reason for attacking Ukraine, does not reveal new plans

Today (May 9), in his Victory Day speech, Russian President Vladimir Putin reaffirmed the need to conduct a special operation in Ukraine.

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President Putin speaks at the parade. Photo: CNN

According to CNN and Reuters news agency, speaking in front of 10,000 troops, the head of Russia said that the West is creating “threats near our borders and is planning to prepare for the invasion of the land.” of Russia, including Crimea” and Moscow had no choice.

President Putin said that the West does not want to listen to Russia’s proposal for dialogue. “NATO countries don’t want to listen to us… they have other plans and we can see that. Russia has pre-empted aggression… it’s a sovereign and binding decision. Must perform”.

The Russian leader told soldiers that “today, you are defending what your forefathers fought for”.

President Putin also mentioned the warriors in Donbass, who stand side by side with Russian soldiers who are fighting for the motherland. “I say to the soldiers of Donbass. You are fighting for your country, for the future, so that the lessons of World War II are not forgotten.”

The Donbass, the vast region that covers much of eastern Ukraine, has been at the frontline in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine since 2014. In recent weeks, fighting has been fierce in the area as the President Putin refocuses strategy on eastern Ukraine.

According to CNN’s international diplomacy journalist Nic Robertson, President Putin’s speech did not mention anything about Russia’s next plans in Ukraine. The Russian leader also did not declare general mobilization or declare war officially, which are two scenarios that experts say will make war in Ukraine further escalate.

President Putin’s speech also contained no threat to use nuclear weapons as the West has long feared, and there was no sign that Russia had plans to reduce the conflict.

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