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Russia claims to have enough missiles to carry out all missions

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov today announced that Moscow has enough missiles and ammunition to carry out all the tasks assigned to the armed forces of the country, according to Interfax news agency.

Borisov made the above statement before Russia held a military parade to celebrate Victory Day on May 9, and in the context of the country conducting a military operation. military in Ukraine. In March, a US Defense Department official said that Russia was running out of precision ammunition, according to Reuters.

  Russia claims to have enough missiles to perform all missions - Photo 1

Yars intercontinental missile system during the parade in Red Square on May 9,


In addition, Borisov also announced that Russia is developing a new generation of hypersonic missiles that can carry out attacks from the air, land and sea, according to Interfax. Previously, the Russian Defense Ministry said at least three times that its forces used Kinzhal hypersonic missiles, launched from the air, to attack military targets in Ukraine.

Borisov made the above statement before putin-king-phat-bieu-gi-trong-le-ky-niem-ngay-chien-thang-post1456648.html” title=”What did President Putin just say during the Victory Day celebration?”>President Vladimir Putin spoke at the military parade to mark the Victory Day over fascism in World War 2. Mr. Putin stressed that Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine is a necessary and timely measure. face a completely unacceptable threat” in Ukraine.

In the same speech, President Putin said that soldiers and volunteers fighting in Donbass region of eastern Ukraine are fighting for their country, according to Reuters.

There is currently no information on the Ukrainian side’s reaction to President Putin’s statement. Earlier on the same day, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky declares his country is fighting for a new victory and will win the conflict with Russia. “The road to get there is fraught with difficulties, but we are confident that we will win,” Zelensky said.

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