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Shanghai sees ‘light at the end of the tunnel’

Shanghai sees light at the end of the tunnel - Photo 1.

Police check a delivery worker in Jing’an district, Shanghai on May 7 – Photo: AFP

According to Global Timesin an article published in a prestigious medical journal The Lancet On May 8, China’s top epidemiologist Zhang Wenhong said that Shanghai “is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel in this epidemic” after more than a month of imposing a blockade order.

China’s largest city recorded a 10th day of new infections in a row on May 7, with 215 new symptomatic infections and 3,760 asymptomatic cases.

Some Chinese experts agree with Mr. Zhang’s assessment, because this city of about 26 million people is witnessing positive developments such as the number of new infections falling continuously, a large number of patients being discharged from hospitals. field hospitals, field hospitals gradually closed…

However, they said Shanghai needs to pay more attention to how to relax epidemic control measures and how to effectively implement measures to prevent the outbreak of the disease again, because of the people’s immunity. has declined after a long blockade.

On May 7, Li Qiang, secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, emphasized that the city needs to resolutely follow the “Zero COVID” policy (wipe out infections in the community), with the current task of Now the focus is on reducing the number of new infections and preventing the outbreak from resurfacing.

Currently, Shanghai has not lifted the blockade order across the city. However, restrictive measures are being eased in some areas and businesses are gradually reopening.

On May 7, the first group of medical staff from Jiangsu and Anhui provinces to support the large-scale PCR testing process in Shanghai completed the task and left Shanghai. They came to Shanghai from the end of March, when the epidemic situation here was at its worst.

A field hospital in Shanghai’s Chongming Industrial Park also announced it would close on May 7 when it completed its mission. This hospital has been in use for 13 days and admitted 1,501 COVID-19 patients, with the majority of whom have so far recovered and been discharged.

A model developed by professor Yao Mao Sheng at Peking University assumes that the number of new infections per day in Shanghai will fall below 1,000 cases around May 19. By the end of May, the current outbreak in Shanghai will probably be contained and the city will gradually lift the blockade order at that time.

Chinese experts say that Shanghai’s recent strict disease control measures have given the city more time to vaccinate and reduce the number of deaths among the elderly.

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